How many rounds does the Currie Cup have?

How many rounds does the Currie Cup have?

14 rounds
The tournament also returned to its usual length of 14 rounds followed by finals, following a shortened 7 round competition in 2020/21. The First Division of the Currie Cup also returned in 2021, having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Who has won the most Currie Cups?

Since the Sharks unforgettably usurped the Bulls at Loftus Versfeld in 1990 to win their first-ever Currie Cup title, the 31 other finals have seen the away team win 13 times, including the crazy 1992-1994 streak when the away side took the spoils.

Who won the Currie Cup 2021?

the Vodacom Bulls
South Africa’s oldest and premier provincial competition was won for a second consecutive season by the Vodacom Bulls in 2021. The men from Pretoria also won the 2020 competition – which was contested from October 2020 to January 2021 during a season disrupted by COVID-19 – their first title since 2009.

Who won Currie Cup 2020?

Blue Bulls
The competition was won by the Blue Bulls, who beat the Sharks 26–19 after extra time in the final played at Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria on 30 January 2021….

2020–21 Currie Cup Premier Division
Date 27 November 2020 – 30 January 2021
Champions Blue Bulls (24th title)
Runners-up Sharks
Matches played 22

Have the Griquas ever won the Currie Cup?

Their home ground is Griqua Park in Kimberley and they draw their players mostly from Northern Cape Province. They have won the Currie Cup three times – in 1899, 1911 and 1970 – and the Vodacom Cup a joint-record five times.

Did Rhodesia ever win Currie Cup?

The tournament was won by Northern Transvaal for the sixth time; they beat Free State 30–22 in the final in Pretoria….

1973 Currie Cup
Countries South Africa Rhodesia
Champions Northern Transvaal (6th title)
Runners-up Free State
1974 →

How many curry cups did the Blue Bulls win?

Twenty-five titles have come alongside nine runners-up medals and eight semi-finals. The Blue Bulls’ ability to win 25 titles shows that usually when they get to the final stages of the competition, they will win.

How many teams are in the Currie Cup?

The competition will again feature seven sides, with SA Rugby rejecting a proposal from the Eastern Province Elephants to join the competition immediately, however the winner of the 2022 Currie Cup First Division will be promoted to the Premier Division for 2023, forming an eight team competition.

What does the word griqua mean?

Definition of Griqua 1 : one of a mixed people in South Africa of Bushman and Khoikhoi descent. 2 : the mixed offspring of European, Bushman, and Khoikhoi ancestry in South Africa. — called also Bastaard. 3 : any person of mixed European and African descent —used chiefly in southwestern Africa.

Who won the Currie Cup in 1970?

Griqualand West
The 1970 Currie Cup was the 32nd edition of the Currie Cup, the premier annual domestic rugby union competition in South Africa. The tournament was won by Griqualand West for the third time; they beat Northern Transvaal 11–9 in the final in Kimberley.

How popular is rugby in South Africa?

After soccer, rugby is the most popular sport in South Africa with a following of close to 10 million in a population of close to 50 million.

Why is called the Curry cup?

The cup was named for Sir Donald Currie, the owner of a shipping company in Great Britain. In 1891 a British rugby team traveled to South Africa to play against several local teams. Currie donated a special gold cup for the tour.

Where did the Griquas come from?

Griqua, 19th-century people, of mixed Khoekhoe and European ancestry, who occupied the region of central South Africa just north of the Orange River. In 1848 they were guaranteed some degree of autonomy by a treaty with the British governor of South Africa.

What were the Khoikhoi who lived off the sea called?

Strandlopers were part of the Khoikhoi family but they lived in caves on the beaches. They lived off fish and shellfish. Archaeologists have found mounds of shells in caves, together with animal bones and stone tools.

Have Griquas ever won the Currie Cup?

When was the first Currie Cup?

1892Currie Cup / First event date

The Carling Currie Cup is one of the oldest rugby competitions in the world, with the first games played in 1889, but it was only in 1892 that it became officially known as the Currie Cup. The original participating unions were Western Province, Griqualand West, Transvaal and Eastern Province.