How many Distinguished Service Crosses were awarded in Vietnam?

How many Distinguished Service Crosses were awarded in Vietnam?

There are over 1,700 recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross during the Vietnam War.

What is a DSC in the military?

The Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) is the second highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Army (and previously, the United States Army Air Forces).

How many medals were awarded in the Vietnam War?

During the Vietnam War and in the following twelve months, 235 Medals of Honor were awarded and since 1978 a further 26 awards have been presented. Of the total of 261 awards, 174 were to the US Army, 15 to the US Navy, 58 to the USMC and 14 to the USAF.

How many people have the Distinguished Service Cross?

Over 5,000 Distinguished Service Cross recipients from all branches of the United States military, Nearly 4,000 Navy Cross recipients, also from all branches of the United States military, 2 Air Force Cross recipients.

Who Has the Most Distinguished Service Cross?

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, the top U.S. ace of the war, was awarded a record eight Distinguished Service Crosses, one of which was later upgraded to the Medal of Honor, while flying with the 94th Aero Squadron.

What is the DSC order?

Distinguished Service Medal. The DSC is “awarded in recognition of an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy at sea.” Since 1979, it can be awarded posthumously.

What did DSC stand for?

DSC. Development, Security, and Cooperation.

Who is eligible for the National Defense Service medal?

Award criteria The National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) is awarded to anyone who has served on active duty, or as an active reservist, in the United States Armed Forces during any of four specified time periods.

What are war medals worth?

Nowadays, World War II medals can fetch as little as $5 to $10. The main reason is that these medals are usually unnamed and can’t be easily linked to a recipient. Others, however, have been issued in small quantities and have a higher collector’s value.

What does DSC mean in politics?

Defence Supply Committee. Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense. Military, Army, Ministry Of Defense. 1. DSC.

What is the DSC in government?

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