How long is the waiting list for Arsenal season tickets?

How long is the waiting list for Arsenal season tickets?

between five and ten years
A. At present, we estimate the waiting time for a General Admission Season Ticket to be between five and ten years.

How much is a seasonal ticket for Arsenal?

The cheapest available season ticket for the 2021/22 season at Arsenal was priced at a staggering £891. That figure is £84 more expensive than rivals Tottenham, who have the second-highest prices, while the cheapest season ticket at third-placed Liverpool is significantly less at £685.

How do you get Arsenal tickets without being a member?

Arsenal Hospitality Tickets Our hospitality tickets and packages can be purchased as close as 24 hours before the fixture subject to availability. With no Membership required this makes them the perfect option for those wanting to secure their official ticket to watch Arsenal play at Emirates Stadium.

What is the best way to get Arsenal tickets?

Basically, you have four options for buying Arsenal tickets:

  1. Buy an Arsenal Membership.
  2. Buy an Arsenal Hospitality Package.
  3. Go to a Cup Game at Arsenal.
  4. Buy Arsenal Tickets from a Third Party.
  5. Or Maybe Don’t Go To Arsenal!
  6. More About Groundhopper Guides and English Soccer Tickets & Hospitality.

Is it hard to get an Arsenal season ticket?

The Arsenal season ticket waiting list currently sits at well over 40,000. In the past, it has dropped by about 4-5,000 a year. There have been stories of people over 10,000 getting offered a season ticket. This is due to people ahead of them turning down a ticket.

Is Arsenal season ticket difficult to get?

In second place is Arsenal, who have a wait time of around 10 years for a season ticket. Manchester United are in third with 120,000 on the waiting list. That’s slightly more than Tottenham who have 98,000 on the waiting list.

What does a season ticket get you?

In sports, such as association football or American football, a season ticket grants the holder access to all regular-season home games for one season without additional charges. The ticket usually offers a discounted price over purchasing a ticket for each of the home games for a season individually.

Do Arsenal games sell out?

The games sell out before the public gets a chance to purchase tickets.

Can you use someone else’s season ticket Arsenal?

Once the service is available, season ticket holders unable to attend a game can transfer their ticket electronically to another member or family/friend within their online Arsenal Network without having to hand over their membership card. the reCipient: Receives an email notifying them of the transferred ticket.

How many people are on Arsenal season ticket list?

How many tickets can a red member buy Arsenal?

3,500 tickets
As a Red Member you have priority ticket access to 3,500 tickets for every Premier League home match, approximately six weeks before each fixture.

Why are Arsenal season tickets so expensive?

In their statement, Arsenal justified the rise in season ticket costs by citing increasing recent prices and a need to generate increased revenues from all possible sources. “We recognise that no one welcomes price increases, and this decision has not been taken lightly,” the statement read.

Does a season ticket include FA Cup?

Under current rules, season ticket-holders are guaranteed seats for all Premier League home games and are obliged to purchase all FA Cup and UEFA Champions League home games.

Can you go to away games with a season ticket?

Due to the high demand for tickets to away games, applications are accepted by Executive Club Members, and eligible Platinum, Gold and Silver Level Season Ticket holders only.

Can I sell my Arsenal ticket?

Welcome to The Arsenal Ticket Exchange service, where Season Ticket Holders that are unable to attend a game can sell their tickets to fellow Arsenal Members.