How do you get unlimited Limit Breaks in ff7?

How do you get unlimited Limit Breaks in ff7?

Another benefit to the unlimited HP/MP skill is that your limit break – a special, powerful attack – meter is also always full, meaning you can attack with unlimited limit breaks. To deactivate unlimited HP/MP in Final Fantasy VII, simply push in the right analogue stick again. It’s as simple as that.

Who has strongest Limit Break ff7?

1 Cloud Strife — Omnislash The Omnislash is easily the most overpowered Limit Break in the game, hitting enemies a total of 15 times for massive damage and unlocking a ton of damage potential once the players get through the slog that’s involved in unlocking said Limit Break in the Gold Saucer.

How do I get Meteor Rain ff7?

Meteorain is obtained by killing 200 enemies as Cloud after he has obtained Blade Beam. A quick way to kill 200 enemies is the dead end in Mythril Mine, immediately northeast of its west entrance, where there are approximately 4.2 enemies per encounter.

Does meteor hit in ff7?

Holy fights off Meteor, but due to the gravity near it, it is too unfocused to destroy it. The lifestream erupts from the ground, controlled by Aerith, and pushes Meteor back, allowing Holy to destroy it and save the planet and what’s left of Midgar.

What is Barrett’s final Limit Break?

Catastrophe is Barret’s best Limit Break for most of the game, but can be outclassed by Angermax at its max potential. Angermax performs 18 hits at half damage each, totaling 9 times Barret’s damage overall, which is normally below Barret’s max damage.

Which Limit Break does the most damage?

Omnislash If you haven’t yet maxed out your characters in FF7, Omnislash is probably the strongest overall limit break as it wields the second highest hit count and each strike lands an automatic critical, making it easier to reach your 9999 damage cap.

How does cloud learn Meteorain?

Meteorain is one of Cloud’s Level 3 Limit Breaks. Cloud leaps into the air and sends six meteorites at opponents, doing 1.625 times normal damage to each of them. Cloud must defeat around 320 enemies to learn it, a number much higher than what the other characters require to learn their Level 3 Limits.

How do you get finishing touch in ff7?

Finishing Touch is obtained by using Meteorain six times.

How long is Sephiroth’s supernova?

two minutes
It is famously used by Sephiroth and it is also infamous for its lengthy animation of two minutes, but is not exclusive to him.

Should I take the Black Materia FF7?

Pick up the summon materia that’s left behind (Bahamut). Then go back and examine the floating gold object on the dais. It’s actually the Black Materia. You have the option of touching the Black Materia, it doesn’t matter which answer you choose.

How do you get the planet protector in ff7 remake?

How to Get Planet’s Protection. Complete the battle challenge: Aerith vs. Wild Animals in the Corneo Colosseum to obtain the Legacy: Planet’s Protection Manuscript as a reward.

How do you use limit breaks in ff7 remake?

How to Do Limit Breaks. The Limit Break gauge (the yellow gauge on the bottom right, beneath your MP bar) will slowly fill. Once full, open the command menu to choose “Limit Break” to unleash a Limit Break.

What does mindblow do ff7?

Mindblow is Barret’s second level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. When fired, it depletes all of the target’s MP. The attack is treated as Gravity-elemental. When performing Mindblow, Barret charges up a blue fireball before releasing it at an enemy.

Can you do more than 99999 damage FFX?

Final Fantasy X The normal damage cap is 9999, but with Break Damage Limit it rises to 99999. Break Damage Limit can be customized into weapons with 60 Dark Matters. Fully powered-up Celestial Weapons also have the ability.

When should DPS use limit break?

In dungeons the magic and ranged dps should be using all limit breaks due to the AOE damage significantly spreading up trash clears. In terms of damage a magic or ranged limit break will always do more damage than a melee limit break as soon as you are fighting two targets.