How do I use echo in Selenium IDE?

How do I use echo in Selenium IDE?

echo (text, color) – Selenium IDE command The echo command is useful to display text (comments, notes) and/or the stored value of variables in the log area of any Selenium IDE software testing tool. It is often used for debugging and documentation purposes. It does not influence macro execution in any way.

What is an alert command in Selenium IDE?

assert alert is one of the commands in Selenium IDE. The purpose of assert alert command in Selenium IDE, is to check whether the required alert is displayed on the page.

What is the use of open command is Selenium IDE?

Open (URL) – Selenium IDE command Meet Open – the most used command in the selenium IDE software testing tool. The “Open” command opens the URL in the current selected browser tab. The open command takes a full URL as input (recommended) or a path relative to the baseurl (outdated).

What does accessor command do?

Accessors evaluate the state of the application and store the results in a variable which are used in assertions.

What is assert text command?

assert text is one of the commands in Selenium IDE. The purpose of assert text command in Selenium IDE, is to check the text on the UI element (i.e. The text between the HTML tags of the located UI element)

How do I use sendKeys alert?

getText() – Gets the text of an alert. . sendKeys(String) – Send string to the alert….Selenium Alert SendKeys

  1. Navigate to the above link.
  2. Click the “Try it” button.
  3. Write “SW Test Academy” to the alert text box.
  4. Click the OK button. (Accept it)
  5. Check expected text as “Hello SW Test Academy! How are you today?”

Which command is used to test alerts?

3) What is the command associated with testing an alert in Selenium? “assert alert” is associated with testing an alert in Selenium.

What are the three types of Selenium commands?

What are the types of Selenium commands

  • selenium-ide.
  • selenium.
  • selenium-testing.
  • selenium-java.
  • selenium-webdriver.

What are commands in Selenium?

Top 25 Selenium WebDriver Commands That You Should Know

  • #1) get()
  • #2) getCurrentUrl()
  • #3) findElement(By, by) and click()
  • #4) isEnabled()
  • #5) findElement(By, by) with sendKeys()
  • #6) findElement(By, by) with getText()
  • #7) Submit()
  • #8) findElements(By, by)

What are accessors in Selenium IDE?

Accessors are the selenium commands that examine the state of the application and store the results in variables. They are also used to automatically generate Assertions. Some of the most commonly used Accessors commands include: Command/Syntax. Description.

How do I send data to alert box?

This method is used to send some data to the alert box….Syntax:

  1. Invoke Firefox Browser.
  2. Click on the “Generate Alert box” button.
  3. Click on the “Generate Confirm box” button.
  4. Close the browser.

What is getWindowHandles in Selenium?

There are difference between getWindowHandle() and getWindowHandles() methods in Selenium webdriver. The getWindowHandles and getWindowHandle methods can be used to handle child windows. The getWindowHandles method is used to store all the opened window handles in the Set data structure.

What are Selenese commands in Selenium?

Selenium commands, also known as “Selenese” are the set of commands used in Selenium IDE that run your tests. Using selenese, one can perform activities like: Testing the existence of UI elements based on their HTML tags.

What is Selenese in Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE by default has a language system commonly called Selenese. It is a group of commands used to perform operations on the web. It primarily helps to develop scripts in Selenium IDE. It can verify if an element is present on a screen, alerts, Ajax calls, links and many more.