How do I start Ubuntu from shell?

How do I start Ubuntu from shell?

You can press Ctrl+Alt+F3 on keyboard to switch from the current session to tty3 text console, and switch back via Ctrl+Alt+F2. From the startup grub boot-loader menu entry, you may select the Advanced Options > recovery mode > Drop to root shell prompt to get into text mode.

How do I run a command at startup Ubuntu?

Startup Applications

  1. Open Startup Applications via the Activities overview. Alternatively you can press Alt + F2 and run the gnome-session-properties command.
  2. Click Add and enter the command to be executed at login (name and comment are optional).

How do I make script run on startup Ubuntu Server?

The Ubuntu 20.04 is based on Systemd hence the simplest and recommended way to run a script on startup is to create a Systemd service file and execute any script such as bash, python etc, via this service during the system boot.

How do you start a shell?

How to Open the Local Shell on Linux

  1. Click the “Dash” icon, and then type “terminal” in the search box.
  2. Click the “Terminal” icon to launch the Gnome terminal with its bash shell.
  3. Close the Terminal window.
  4. Press “Ctrl-Alt-T” to open the shell from the keyboard.
  5. Press “Ctrl-Alt-F1” to open a virtual Linux terminal.

How do I start Ubuntu Server GUI from terminal?

Configure Ubuntu 20.04

  1. Step 1: Log into Ubuntu Server.
  2. Step 2: Update & upgrade apt-get packages.
  3. Step 1: Install Tasksel.
  4. Step 2: Install Desktop Environment.
  5. Step 3: Install multiple GUIs.
  6. Step 4: Reboot.

How do I get a shell script to run on startup?

Make the file executable. Then initiate the rc-local service to run script during boot. Show activity on this post….Test Test Test:

  1. Run your test script without cron to make sure it actually works.
  2. Make sure you saved your command in cron, use sudo crontab -e.
  3. Reboot the server to confirm it all works sudo @reboot.

How do I start a boot service?

To enable a System V service to start at system boot time, run this command: sudo chkconfig service_name on.

How do I start a shell in Linux?

Steps to execute a shell script in Linux

  1. Create a new file called using a text editor such as nano or vi in Linux: nano
  2. Add the following code: #!/bin/bash.
  3. Set the script executable permission by running chmod command in Linux: chmod +x
  4. Execute a shell script in Linux: ./

How do I open the shell in terminal?

You can launch the terminal shell prompt in one step by using the “Ctrl-Alt-T” keyboard shortcut. When you are done with the terminal, you can let it run minimized or exit it completely by clicking the “Close” button.

How do I start GNOME on Ubuntu Server?

Install GNOME minimal on Ubuntu 20.04

  1. To install the minimal GNOME desktop environment, use your system’s package manager to install the GUI and gdm3 window manager. $ sudo apt install gnome-session gdm3.
  2. After installation is complete, reboot your system and you will be presented with a GNOME login. $ reboot.

How do I run a Linux command at startup?

There is more than one way to do this.

  1. Put the command in your crontab file. The crontab file in Linux is a daemon that performs user-edited tasks at specific times and events.
  2. Put a script containing the command in your /etc directory. Create a script such as “” using your favorite text editor.
  3. Edit the /rc.

How do I run a program at startup in Linux?

Automatically run program on Linux startup via cron

  1. Open the default crontab editor. $ crontab -e.
  2. Add a line starting with @reboot.
  3. Insert the command to start your program after the @reboot.
  4. Save the file to install it to the crontab.
  5. Check if crontab is properly configured (optional).