How do I get an IPI number?

How do I get an IPI number?

You can obtain your IPI/CAE number from your PRO by either logging into your PRO account, contacting your PRO or by performing a search in the public repertory on both ASCAP and BMI. Search your name and the IPI/CAE will appear next to it.

What is IPI base number?

The IP Base Number is a unique identifier allocated automatically by the IPI System to each interested party (IP). The IPI-System contains the names of all the owners or holders of rights in both of copyright protected works and public domain works, as notified to the IPI Centre.

How do I register my song on SAMRO portal?

Self-registration is really easy. Simply click on the “portal login” tab at the top right-hand side of the SAMRO website, or click here. Once you have logged on you will be prompted to follow a few easy steps.

What does an IPI number look like?

An Interested Party Information (IPI) number is a unique, international identification number, usually 9–11 digits long. IPIs are assigned to songwriters, composers and music publishers that own the rights to music.

How much does it cost to record a song in South Africa?

For the purchase of a song, the average fee ranges between R752 and R999. Both are part of a state plan, 55 and R2257. For an independent singer, the price is 7525.

How much do TV stations pay per song in South Africa?

songs are paid to the people with whom they were written by SAMRO. Any piece of music you record on an upscale station like Kfm or 947 can cost anything between R60 and R200 per spin.

How does SAMRO pay artist?

Body: SAMRO pays your royalties directly into your account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Please double check that your bank details are correct to avoid problems with payments.

How do I submit a song to SAMRO?

As for existing SAMRO members, the notification of works form can be sent to [email protected]. Members no longer need to submit a CD, cassette or MP3 of the song they wish to notify.

How much does it cost to register a song at SAMRO?

How Much Does It Cost To Register A song at SAMRO? There are no fees paid from creators to SAMRO.

Do I need an IPI number?

Most of the world’s performing rights organizations (including ASCAP) use IPI numbers to link you to your musical works, so we can track performances of your music and pay royalties to the right people. IPI numbers are helpful for distinguishing you from all the other music writers and publishers throughout the world.

How do I register with SAMRO as an artist?

Registration at SAMRO is free. All you need do is submit the SAMRO Member Application form, Notification of Works form, Deed of Assignment form, and a copy of an identity document. All these forms can be downloaded on the SAMRO website.

How much is to register a song at SAMRO?

No, there are no signup fees or membership fees when you become a SAMRO member.

Who is the CEO of RiSA?

Advocate Nhlanhla Sibisi
The RiSA Secretariat is led by CEO, Advocate Nhlanhla Sibisi, and employs several people who attend to the day-to-day activities of the association.