How can I book appointment in jawazat?

How can I book appointment in jawazat?

In order to book Jawazat Appointment in Saudi Arabia; Log in to your Absher account…Book Jawazat appointment

  1. Scroll down and click on the “Appointments” tab.
  2. Select the “Passport” option.
  3. Click on the “Proceed to Service” button.

What is Moi jawazat?

MOI Jawazat It is one of the agencies of the Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI). It is also called the General Directorate of Passports (GDP) responsible for controlling immigration points, Saudi citizen passports, and foreigner Iqama visa (Issuing New Iqama, Iqama Renewal, Exit reentry, Final Exit).

Is Saudi passport biometric?

The Saudi Arabian passport (Arabic: جواز السفر السعودي) is a passport document issued to citizens of Saudi Arabia for international travel….

Saudi passport
The front cover of a contemporary Saudi passport Biometric passport
Type Passport
Issued by Saudi Arabia
First issued February 10, 2022

How can I get Jawazat appointment from Absher?

Steps to book Jawazat appointments on Absher

  1. Also Read: How to Register and Activate Absher Account.
  2. Click on “Proceed to Service.”
  3. On the next page, select “Book New Appointment“
  4. Choose a service based on your requirements:
  5. Select the Jawazat branch you want to visit.

How can I contact Jawazat?

You can contact the technical support team to report any technical problems relating to the services provided by MOI e-portal, through one of the following: Log in “contact us” page. Call 920020405.

How can I contact jawazat?

Helpline Number for Complaints and Suggestions on Labor Issues (HRSD Customer Care Number)

  1. General Enquiries: 905.
  2. Municipal Services: 940.
  3. Ministry of Commerce Consumer Call Center: 1900.
  4. Ministry of Hajj & Umrah Customer Service: 92 000 2814.
  5. Consumer Protection: 935.
  6. Jawazat Customer Care Number: 92 002 0405.

How do I get exit paper from jawazat?

Dependent: In the case of dependents, the head of the family can visit any Jawazat office with an appointment to get the print of the final exit visa for the dependents. For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram Channel.

How can I update my passport in jawazat?

If the passport of a family visit visa holder expires, you need to create a Tawasul request with the following documents after renewing the passport.

  1. Jawazat passport update form.
  2. Copy of old passport.
  3. Copy of new passport.
  4. Copy of Visa.
  5. Copy of sponsor iqama.

How can I get Iqama from jawazat?

Go to Jawazat office of your city with filled form (family iqama form) and above documents. Find the counter where new iqama is issuing (you can ask at reception for counter) collect the token. On your turn, submit all documents, You also need to show your original iqama at counter.

How can I get Iqama from Jawazat?

How do I contact QIWA?

If you suspect that someone else is aware of your user account or password, you should immediately notify us at

How many days we can stay in Saudi Arabia after final exit?

How long can I stay in Saudi Arabia after the final exit? How long can you stay in Saudi Arabia after stamping your final exit visa? The validity of the final exit visa is 60 days from the date it is issued.

Can I do Naqal Maloomat myself?

The Naqal Maloomat procedure can now be completed online through Absher without visiting the Jawazat office. This way, the renewed passports of both expat workers and their dependents can be updated. However, the Naqal Maloomat procedure for expat workers can only be completed through his sponsor’s Absher account.

How many days it will take to get Iqama?

1-3 weeks
The Iqama normally takes 1-3 weeks to be issued. The employee should carry the Iqama with them at all times as it proves they have the legal right to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

What is QIWA notice period?

What is “Pending for employee approval” status? Establishment owner should notify the employee to approve the transfer request through Qiwa individuals within 10 days to avoid auto cancelation.

What is Huroob in Saudi?

Huroob is defined as an Arabic term pertaining to escape, abscond, or run away. According to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Labor Law, an employer has to inform or report to passport authorities if his or her employee, a Saudi Expatriate, does not report or is absent from work for a certain duration.

Can we cancel final exit?

Unfortunately, there is no way to extend the validity of the final exit visa in Saudi Arabia. If you want to stay beyond the final exit visa validity in Saudi Arabia, you will have to cancel the visa and issue a new one as explained above. Final Exit Visa Validity = 60 days.

Can I leave Saudi Arabia without an exit visa?

People who wish to leave the Kingdom permanently need to obtain a final exit visa, issued by the sponsor. However, before that, they must clear all unpaid traffic fines, electricity bills, phone bills, credit card bills, etc. The expat’s Iqama also needs to be relinquished prior to leaving the country.