Does my deck need a handrail NZ?

Does my deck need a handrail NZ?

Do You Need One? A balustrade is needed wherever there is a drop of more than a metre, such as on a deck, staircase or balcony. The NZ Building Code clause F4 says that “a barrier is needed when someone could fall one metre or more.” If the fall is greater than one metre, an approved balustrade must be installed.

What is the maximum height of a deck without railing NZ?

If your deck is more than 1m high, it must have a handrail. Your building work must: comply with the Building Code, even if no building consent is needed.

Do decks have to have a handrail?

If your deck is below 30 inches, a railing is not required. With that said, if you choose to build a deck, even if it is only 24 inches off the ground, that is still high enough that even an adult could injure themselves.

Do I need a handrail on my deck stairs?

So whether you’re constructing a residential composite deck, lumber deck or a deck made from other decking material, you’re typically required to install a graspable secondary handrail on one side of the deck’s stair railing when there are four or more stair risers present.

How high can a deck be without rails?

I went to a friend’s house a while back to admire his new deck. This friend was very excited, especially by how much time he saved by not adding a railing. He’d made a point of building his deck so as to stay under the 30-inch requirement–which is the maximum deck height you can have without a railing.

Does decking need a balustrade?

It’s important to bear in mind that if your wooden decking is of a considerable height, along with planning permission you will also be required to install a handrail. For safety purposes regulations state that anything built over 600 mm will require a handrail with a height of at least 1100 mm above the decking board.

How high can a platform be without handrails?

29 CFR 1926.500(d)(1) requires every opensided floor or platform 6 feet or more above the adjacent floor or ground level to be guarded by a standard railing or the equivalent on all open sides, except where there is an entrance to a ramp, stairway, or fixed ladder.

What side of stairs does handrail go on?

The handrail can be on either side of the stairs as long as it continuously runs the entire length of the stairs. Building codes require a guardrail if there is a drop that is more than 30 inches in order to prevent serious falls.

How far apart are deck railing posts?

Spacing of Deck Posts The two most common sizes used for deck posts are 4×4 and 6×6. When using 4×4 posts, place them no more than 6 feet apart, and when using 6×6 posts, no more than 8 feet apart. The reason for these standards is that the railing system won’t have proper support if the posts are too far apart.

How far apart should deck rails be?

Balusters are the vertical guards that support the handrail. They must be installed close enough that the space between them is less than 4 inches. Most city inspectors carry a 4-inch ball with them to test the spacing. Installed balusters should withstand 50 pounds of pressure exerted over a 1-sq.