Does Electroshocker do damage?

Does Electroshocker do damage?

While the Electroshocker can damage lead enemies, because of its low DPS its not recommended to use this to kill them. You can however, use it to stun lead enemies, especially the Lead Boss and the Lead Balloon (when its on the ground), due to their high speed.

What is the fastest enemy in TDS Roblox?


  • Golden Minigunner.
  • Engineer.
  • Golden Cowboy.
  • Is Minigunner worth?

    The Minigunner is regarded by some as one of the best towers due to its high DPS and relatively cheap cost compared to other high DPS towers, like the Turret. Additionally, there is no limit on the amount of Minigunners you can place down during a game, which is not the case for other high DPS towers.

    What is the best tower in tower defense simulator Roblox 2021?

    1) Commander This tower is highly valued in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator due to its Call to Arms ability.

    Does Demoman have hidden detection?

    The Demoman cannot detect hidden enemies. You will have to use other towers for an effective hidden defense. However, an explosion may indirectly damage a hidden enemy, so long there is a detectable enemy close to it.

    Who is BelowNatural?

    BelowNatural is a game developer and Roblox UGC creator who creates and owns Paradoxum Games and Tower Defense Simulator, with 3M+ group members, and 1.6B game visits. He also worked on games like Reason 2 Die, Ninja Simulator, and Wild Revolvers.

    Is Golden Mini better than turret?

    A normal minigunner is completely outclassed by the Turret, while a Golden Minigunner is superior to a Turret. So if you have a golden Minigunner use it instead of a Turret, but if you don’t, just use turret.

    Is Medic good in TDS?

    The Medic also can be used as an offensive tower as it does have a higher DPS than other towers, such as the Scout and Hunter. However, the Medic’s DPS is quite low in the mid-game. If you have better towers, such as the Minigunner, you should place those down instead.

    Is BelowNatural a furry?

    BelowNatural is a furry? BelowNatural is a furry. It’s been confirmed years ago.

    Who is WikiaColors?

    WikiaColors (born: January 28, 2003 (2003-01-28) [age 19]) is a British-Vietnamese YouTuber known for his work and videos in the Roblox game Tower Defense Simulator. He is the owner, bureaucrat and sysop for the Tower Defense Simulator Wiki.