Do torsion trailer axles wear out?

Do torsion trailer axles wear out?

Helpful Expert Reply: It is certainly possible for any axle to wear out enough over time to need replacing. Since the suspension is built into a torsion axle if the suspension part was to wear out pretty much the only solution would be to replace the axle.

How long do torsion trailer axles last?

Subject: RE: Rubber Torsion Axle Life Expectancy? the lifespan is 15-20 years…. no matter how many miles towed or how stored (weight off frame, etc.)

How do you maintain torsion axles?

Torsion Axle Maintenance Torsion axles do not require any regular maintenance, unlike springs that need constant review for worn or loose parts. Spring axles must be checked regularly to make sure the spring surfaces are not corroded, creating a weak point in the suspension.

Can you rebuild a torsion axle?

Torsion axles use internal rubber cords to provide the suspension motion and they really are not practical to repair/rebuild. Certainly any axle that was damaged in an accident should be replaced purely for safety reasons.

What travel trailers have torsion axles?

Which RV Manufacturers Use Torsion Axles?

  • Rockwood.
  • Airstream.
  • Flagstaff.
  • R-Pod.
  • Jayco.
  • Winnebago.
  • Escape Trailer.
  • Lance.

Can a torsion axle be welded?

Expert Reply: Torsion axles use internal rubber cords that make it tricky to weld them, such as for installation of a brake flange to let you install electric drum brakes on the axle.

Can you weld on a torsion axle?

Can you jack up a torsion axle?

I do it all the time. Place the jack directly against the tire, and you ought to get enough of the pad under the spindle collar to lift up just that spindle. Or, you could get two LARGE floor jacks, and jack up one whole side of the trailer. I’ve done that before too.

Are torsion axles adjustable?

Torsion axles have a straightforward, attached construction with adjustable ride height and a rubberized suspension system.

Do torsion axles need shock absorbers?

Torsion axles do not suffer from the same harmonics of spring-rate as other axles do, so they rarely need shock absorbers.

Can you widen a torsion axle?

No, you cannot. In fact you can’t even weld on them or the rubber melts, burns or just plain turns to charcoal. I’d never have another trailer with torsion axles myself, you’re just limited too much with modifications down the road.

Why don’t they put shocks on trailers?

Trailers don’t typically have shocks as there usually just isn’t enough room and the suspension travel is minimal, so a shock isn’t going to make that much difference. I would buy something like a tandem axle equaflex system before I thought about shocks.