Can you surf at Sanur Beach?

Can you surf at Sanur Beach?

The perfect time to surf in Sanur is during the wet season, between November and April when the waves reach an average height of 4-6 feet (about 2 meters). There are two popular locations to surf in Sanur, both of which break into the reefs, they are Sanur Reef and Tandjung Reef.

Is Sanur good for surfing?

About Sanur When the swell is hitting Sanur at six-feet or more, and the wind is offshore or glassy, and the tide is mid low-high, Sanur can be a world-class wave as good as anywhere – a long, bowling wave with multiple barrel sections breaking over ultra-sharp, living coral.

How to get to Keramas?

How to get to Keramas? You can get to Keramas easily by bus, taxi or car. To visit Keramas head north from the west coast of Bali past Sanur following the east coast and turning to Ketewel ByPass. You will reach the Keramas area as you proceed northeast along the coast, passing by Ketewel, Pabean, and Saba.

Can you surf in Nusa Dua?

Known as Bali’s premier big wave surf break the Nusa Dua reef is the most consistent right-hand reef break in Bali and has a various number of waves that break on different tides and slightly different conditions. Most are imperfect but on the right day can provide that all-time surfing experience.

Is keramas a reef break?

About Keramas An excellent reefbreak on a classic, black-sand beach, Keramas seems to have a wind of its own that is often different than the prevailing winds at other spots.. Unfortunately that wind is often onshore. As such, Keramas is a spot for true dawn patrol surfing.

Where is Keramas surf break?

Keramas is a black-sand beach on Bali’s eastern coast in Gianyar. It’s about 1.8 km in length, with a wide-open ocean view facing Nusa Lembongan.

Is there surf in Nusa Penida?

While Nusa Penida is certainly not renowned for its surf, it is possible to score some motion in the ocean. In a medium-size swell or greater, you could snag a couple of little waves running across the reef at the southern end of Crystal Bay in warung corner.

Where is the best surfing in Bali?

Kuta beach is Bali’s most famous and therefore crowded break, where tourism thrives. Waves break in peaks for the whole 2km of the beach. There’s a lot of space for surfers and it’s pretty ideal for beginners to get their footing. Since it’s a popular beach to learn, there’s no shortage of board rentals or instructors.

Where can I surf in Canggu?

4 Best Surf Spots In Canggu

  • Echo Beach. Echo Beach Bali is one of the most popular surf spots in Canggu.
  • Batu Bolong Beach. Batu Bolong Beach is located right at the end of the busiest strip in Canggu.
  • Pereranan Beach.
  • Berawa Beach.

Is canggu good for surfing?

Canggu is an excellent place to test out surfing – either by yourself or through a surf camp. We recommend staying around the Echo Beach and Batu Bolong area when the swell is mellow.