Why do podcast episodes disappear?

Why do podcast episodes disappear?

Podcasts usually disappear for different reasons, ranging from personal decisions of the publisher to possible content issues that may have legal implications. The streaming platform concerned can take down the podcast against the publisher’s will when the latter happens.

Do Podcasts delete After listening?

By default, Google Podcasts removes downloaded episodes: 24 hours after you finish them. 30 days after you download them.

How do I delete Podcasts quickly?

We’ll show you how to delete downloaded podcasts from the most popular podcasting apps on your Android, iPhone, or iPad….Delete all downloaded podcast episodes at once.

  1. Tap-and-hold the podcast’s name.
  2. Tap Remove Downloads on the menu.
  3. Tap Remove Downloads to confirm.

How do I stop Apple podcasts from deleting episodes?

If you don’t want episodes to automatically delete, go to Settings, scroll down to Podcasts, then turn off Remove Played Downloads.

How do I stop Podcasts from being deleted?

To do that, go to the Podcasts app, select a show from your My Podcasts list and tap the gear-shaped settings icon under the show’s title. Here, you can change the automatic-deletion settings for this show as well as other preferences, like your notifications for new episodes.

How do I stop Apple podcasts from deleting?

Episodes automatically delete 24 hours after they’re played. If you don’t want episodes to automatically delete, go to Settings, scroll down to Podcasts, then turn off Remove Played Downloads.

How do I manage my podcast storage?

If you are already looking at the Podcasts app from the Storage screen, you can remove stored shows from the phone right there. If you are not on the Storage screen, tap the Settings icon on the home screen, select General, then Storage & iCloud Usage and finally, Manage Storage.

Why does Apple podcasts take up so much storage?

Because Apple Podcasts is able to download shows to listeners’ devices, the app can end up consuming a lot of device storage. On iPhones in particular, this can lead to users running out of room for other essential activities — like taking photos or installing new apps and games.

How do I delete more than one podcast at a time?

How to delete unplayed podcasts

  1. Open the Podcasts app.
  2. Tap the Library tab, then tap Downloaded Episodes.
  3. Scroll through the list and swipe left on any episodes you no longer wish to keep, then tap Remove.

How do I stop Podcasts from automatically deleting?

Why is Apple Podcasts deleting downloads?

To help save space on your iPhone, podcast episodes that have been listened to are set to be deleted automatically 24 hours after they are played. This is logical to keep your iPhone free of old files, but it isn’t ideal for people like me who want to keep old podcast episodes for later listening.

Why is Apple podcasts deleting downloads?

Why are my downloaded Podcasts deleted?

A This is likely to be caused by low memory on your device, the way that iOS handles file management, and the way your podcasting app stores files. When iOS devices are running low on storage space, they will automatically clean up any files that they can from currently installed apps.

Why does Apple podcasts take up so much space?

Where are Podcasts stored on iPad?

Open the Podcasts app. Go to the Library tab and tap Shows. Then tap Followed. Tap a show to see its information page.

How do I free up Apple podcast space?

But I do have tips to free up your space.

  1. Find out apps that you use the least or don’t use at all and delete them.
  2. Keep your photos and videos in a cloud like iCloud or Google Drive.
  3. Delete your podcast or music you don’t listen to anymore.
  4. Clear out your notifications.

How do I manage Apple podcasts?

Manage your podcast

  1. Join the Apple Podcasters Program.
  2. Set up your show for a subscription.
  3. Group your shows together with channels.
  4. Set up subscription promotions and manage pricing.
  5. View the status of your podcast.
  6. Manage the availability settings for your show on Apple Podcasts.
  7. Archive or restore a podcast.

Where did my downloaded Podcasts go?

If your device is offline, all downloads will appear in the “Downloads” category under the Library tab. If you navigate to the podcast profile while online, you will be able to access all of the episodes available for that podcast.

How do I recover deleted Podcasts?

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  1. Go to your Podcasts Library/Shows page.
  2. Select the show you are interested in.
  3. Scroll down the page, past the random list of episodes (that make no sense).
  4. Choose Previously Played and look for your episode in there. (
  5. Tap the + symbol to the right of the episode you wish to download again.