Why do I hate Nellie from the office?

Why do I hate Nellie from the office?

During her season and a half on The Office, Nellie proved to be one of the show’s more unpleasant characters — displaying a penchant for narcissism, bad ideas, and poor judgment, as well as nursing a pretty awful shopping addiction.

Why does Andy not like Nellie?

While difficult to get used to, Nellie is eventually shown to be very friendly towards her co-workers, and generally on good terms with most of them, with the noted exception of Andy Bernard, who held a bitter resentment towards her for stealing his job.

Why did the office make Andy a jerk?

TL:DR Andy becomes an unlikable character because the writers were upset with Ed Helms briefly leaving in the last season to film The Hangover Part III.

How does Andy get rid of Nellie?

Nellie reveals to the camera crew that she is deeply moved to have a real friend at the office. During the eighth-season finale, Andy recruits David Wallace, to help him take back Dunder Mifflin. Andy, after being re-appointed manager, fires Nellie as revenge for stealing his job.

Who is the most loved character in The Office?

The Office: The 10 Best Characters, According To Ranker

  1. 1 Dwight Schrute.
  2. 2 Michael Scott.
  3. 3 Jim Halpert.
  4. 4 Creed Bratton.
  5. 5 Kevin Malone.
  6. 6 Pam Halpert.
  7. 7 Stanley Hudson.
  8. 8 Darryl Philbin.

Why was Andy ruined?

Despite Andy’s job promotion, allowing the character to essentially take over Michael’s role, filming schedules became an issue for Helms as he continued to get starring movie roles. Due to his rising popularity following his work in The Hangover, Helms split time on The Office with his film projects.

Does Nellie get fired on the office?

Why is Angela so annoying in The Office?

Angela is judgemental to virtually everyone but herself. She constantly belittles the people she works with, to the point of superlative hypocrisy. Angela’s holier-than-thou attitude serves for some good comedy, but she’s definitely portrayed as someone who would be extremely difficult to work with.

Who is the weirdest character in The Office?

1 MICHAEL SCOTT He was definitely unaware of how weird he was, and his antics made viewers laugh over and over again. Michael Scott might not have always been likable, but he was almost always consistently funny.