Who is the 4Weird guy?

Who is the 4Weird guy?

4Weird Emote Origin The emote has the smiling face of the well-known League of Legends streamer, Cadburry. His community has been promoting it over the past few months. It is a relatively new emote.

When was BatChest added?

BatChest is an emote on Twitch that was made in 2021, and is defined by Know You Meme as: “BatChest is a Twitch emote featuring the face of former Twitch admin Curtis Scott wearing light-up goggles making a surprised face, which has been compared to a soyface.

What does ModCheck mean?

ModCheck is an animated emote of a fish from the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants turning around and looking over his shoulders. This emote is usually used in place of “who asked,” “any askers” or “where is it?” It is also used if there are no mods in chat, or if mods aren’t correctly doing their job of moderating chat.

Who is the Notlikethis emote?

The image is of a Twitch employee Ben Swartz who is also known as Bensw. The picture was taken after watching HugS86 lose a tournament game at an EVO event in 2015. The phrase “Not Like This” comes from the first Matrix movie.

What is MonkaS?

The Monkas emote means anxiety or generally sweating. In the sense of sweating due to anxiety or due to stress in a specific situation.

Who is the DansGame emote?

One such emote, DansGame, is an image of the popular Twitch streamer who goes by the username of DansGaming. The player, presumably named Dan, has been releasing video game streams since 2009. The DansGame emote, which shows a screen-capture of DansGaming making an expression of disgust, was captured in 2010.

Who is Seemsgood emote?

Seemsgood Twitch Emote Meaning The Seemsgood emote is used on Twitch as a thumbs up emote either when someone does something good, or in a sarcastic way.

Who created monkaS?

user Monkasen
monkaS is a popular emote from the Pepe the Frog meme family. Its origins can be traced back to 4chan after which Twitch user Monkasen brought it to the streaming platform in 2016. Some variations of monkaS have been created and used as emotes on Twitch chat, including monkaGIGA, monkaThink , monkaW, and monkaOMEGA.

How old is MonkaS?

MonkaS Origin Monkas can be traced back all the way to 2011 when it appeared on a 4chan thread. Monkas wasn’t actually an emote until 2016, when it was uploaded through a Twitch extension. Specifically, FrankerFaceZ’s Twitch extension added it into the site for a lot of players.