Who is Ohio State band director?

Who is Ohio State band director?

Dr. Christopher Hoch is in his fourth year as director of The Ohio State University Marching and Athletic Bands.

How much does the Ohio State band director make?

As of Jun 8, 2022, the average annual pay for a Marching Band Director in Ohio is $42,130 a year.

How hard is it to make the Ohio State Marching Band?

The marching band works hard. Really hard. And getting the band assembled each year is a long, difficult process. Back in June of 2007, I had just finished my freshman year at OSU-Newark (Go Titans!) and was in the process of transferring over to Columbus.

How much do OSU professors get paid?

The report, which computes the average salaries of full-time university faculty in a given institution, showed OSU ranked fifth among the 12 Big Ten universities. According to the report, OSU’s average weighted faculty salary was just more than $110,000, slightly above the Big Ten median salary of almost $107,000.

Does Ohio State have a color guard?

The Ohio State University Marching Band (OSUMB) is a university marching band named for and a part of the Ohio State University. The band, popularly nicknamed The Best Damn Band in the Land (TBDBITL), performs at football games and other events during the fall semester.

How much do Ohio State professors make?

How much does a Professor at The Ohio State University make? The typical The Ohio State University Professor salary is $152,098 per year. Professor salaries at The Ohio State University can range from $100,800 – $415,612 per year.

How much does the dean of OSU make?

Salaries (as of 9/30/2021)

Preferred Name Title Salary / Hourly Rate
Jones, Norman Dean $193,577.01
Smooth, Wendy Associate Dean (9M) $77,490.00
Daly, Meg Associate Dean (9M) $114,403.20
Logan, Trevon Associate Dean (9M) $191,453.92

Who is the largest college marching band?

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band
The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band at Texas A&M University is nationally known for its military marching formations and for being the largest military marching band in the nation with over 400 members in the Corps of Cadets unit.

Has Ohio State ever had a black drum major?

He graduated from Ohio State in 1925. Fifty years later, the Marching Band introduced its first African-American drum major to Ohio Stadium crowds: Dwight Hudson.