Who died in May 11?

Who died in May 11?

star Bob Marley
Reggae star Bob Marley dies at 36 – HISTORY.

Who died in May 1995?

May 1995

  • Erwin Leonard Guy Abel, 83, New Zealand businessman.
  • Reuel Denney, 82, American poet and academic.
  • Carl S. Herz, 65, American-Canadian mathematician.
  • George MacKinnon, 89, American politician, attorney, and judge.
  • Mikhail Zimyanin, 80, Soviet/Russian politician and diplomat.

What happened on the 11 of May?

330 – Constantinople is consecrated. 868 – A copy of the Diamond Sutra is printed in China, making it the oldest known dated printed book. 912 – Alexander becomes Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. 1502 – Christopher Columbus leaves on his fourth and last voyage.

Is May 11 a special Day?

11 May – National Technology Day Every year National Technology Day is observed on 11 May to highlight the important role of Science in our daily lives and encourage students to opt for science as an option for a career. On this day Shakti, the Pokhran nuclear test was held on 11 May, 1998.

Who died December 1995?

Robertson Davies, 82, Canadian novelist, heart attack. Art Herring, 89, American baseball player. Roxie Roker, 66, American actress, breast cancer. Mária Telkes, 94, Hungarian-American biophysicist, scientist and inventor.

Why is May 11th famous?

India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11 as it was on this day in 1998 the country successfully conducted the famous Pokhran nuclear tests.

Who was born on May 11?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Eric Burdon, Frances Fisher, Pam Ferris, Prince Royce, Tim Blake Nelson and more.

What happened on 11th of May?

During World War II, U.S. troops invaded Attu, one of the Aleutian Islands captured by the Japanese in 1942.

What does it mean if you were born on May 11?

Tauruses born on May 11 are brilliant, talented, and somewhat unstable. Few people have the creative potential that is the gift of these individuals. Despite a reputation for being short-tempered, even critical, they command the loyalty and devotion of everyone who knows them.

Who died August 1995?

Phil Harris, 91, American comedian and actor, heart attack. Wilbur Stark, 83, American writer and film, television, and radio producer and director. Herbert Sumsion, 96, English organist.

Who died in 1995 march?

Selena, 23, American singer, murdered. Madeleine Sologne, 82, French actress. Carl Story, 78, American bluegrass musician.

Who died in August 1995?

August 1995

  • Julián Berrendero, 83, Spanish road racing cyclist who twice won the Vuelta a España.
  • Phyllis Brooks, 80, American actress and model.
  • Martha Genenger, 83, German swimmer and Olympian.
  • Colin Falkland Gray, 80, New Zealand fighter ace during World War II.
  • Esther Muir, 92, American actress.

Who are some famous people died in 1995?

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1995. This list includes people like Eazy-E, Selena, Dean Martin, Jerry Garcia, Elizabeth Montgomery and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, poets, physicists and philosophers who died in 1995.

Who are some famous people that died in 2001?

Jan 25 William Sylvester, American actor (2001: A Space Odyssey, Gemini Man), dies at 72 Jan 26 Bernardo Leighton, Chilian politician (1964-70), dies Jan 26 Geoffrey Penwill Parsons, piano accompnaist, dies at 65

Who are some famous people that died of AIDS?

Jan 22 Christopher Francis Palmer, British composer, orchestrator, and musicologist, dies of AIDS complications 48 Jan 22 Mahmoud Sayed Selim, Egyptian moslim leader, shot to death at 29

Who are some famous people that died of liver cancer?

Feb 1 Michael Cesar, American man & self-proclaimed ‘Pope of Pot’, dies of liver cancer at 52 Feb 2 Alexis d’Anjou de Bourbon-Condé, French prince/Russian, dies at 47 Feb 2 David Kindersley, British stone letter-carver and typeface designer, dies at 79