Where is baggage claim at Boston Logan?

Where is baggage claim at Boston Logan?

Level 1 — Baggage Claim and Ground Transportation Arrivals is on the lower level of Terminal C, as well as access to ground transportation services.

What terminal is United Airlines at Logan Airport?

Terminal B
United Airlines has opened its new concourse in Boston Logan International Airport’s Terminal B, which includes a variety of self-service facilities.

Where is the baggage claim for terminal B at Logan Airport?

Security check is located at its core. – South Side level 2: Access to boarding gates B4-B14, B1-B3 and B15-B29. Security check is located at its core. – The Terminal B connector is home of the Airmall Boston, where services and amenities are located, especially restaurants and bars.

How do I file a baggage claim with United Airlines?

Contact a United Representative at the Baggage Resolution Center by calling:

  1. Toll-free from U.S. or Canada: 1-800-335-2247.
  2. Toll-free from Mexico: 001-866-563-3244.
  3. Toll-free from Asia-Pacific or Europe: country access code +800-33-55-2247.

How do I check baggage at Logan Airport?

All items for carry-on must be screened at the security checkpoint. Liquids are allowed in carry-on luggage in accordance with the 3-1-1 format. All liquids must be contained in a bottle 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less and placed inside a one quart, clear, plastic, zip-top bag. One bag per passenger is allowed.

Where is united in Boston Logan airport?

United Airlines uses Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport.

Where does Logan Express pick up at terminal B?

Boston Express discharges and picks-up passengers at Terminals A, B, C and E only. Please be aware that some coaches are dropping off passengers ONLY. Boston Express drops off on the upper level and picks up on the lower level.

How do I find my baggage claim?

Tracking Online. Visit your airline’s website and go to the “Tracked Baggage” page. Sign into your account on your airline’s website, and go to the “Baggage” section of the website. Then, click on “Track Checked Baggage.”

What airlines are in terminal B at Logan Airport?

Here is a list of terminals at Logan Airport along with the airlines that arrive and depart from each.

  • Terminal A. -Delta* -Southwest.
  • Terminal B. -Air Canada. -American Airlines* -American Airlines Shuttle. -PenAir.
  • Terminal C. -Alaska Airlines. -Cape Air. -Emirates.
  • Terminal E. All International Travel. -Air Lingus. -Aeromexico.

Where is my luggage customer service?

To share your experience or to request further information, you can contact Where’s My Suitcase directly by email at: customerservice@wheresmysuitcase.com. **Please note, we will respond to your email as soon as possible. Emails received after 12:30 AM EST will be answered after 8 AM EST.

How do I track my delayed baggage?

You can check your delayed baggage status online using the World Tracer application in combination with your case reference number, specified in your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) – e.g. PRGQS12345, received at the Baggage Claim desk at the airport when you reported your baggage to be missing.