Where can I watch Top Gear India Special?

Where can I watch Top Gear India Special?

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer – Top Gear – India Special.

Which episode of Top Gear is the India special?

“Top Gear: India Special” is a Top Gear Christmas special first broadcast on 28 December 2011 after which the next series began on 29 January 2012….Top Gear: India Special.

“Top Gear: India Special”
Top Gear episode
Episode no. Series 17
Original air date 28 December 2011
Running time 90 minutes

What is the best Top Gear special?

The 100 Best Top Gear Episodes Ever

  • 12×08 Vietnam Special. The boys go to Vietnam, and are each given 15 million Dong to buy a set of wheels.
  • 19×06/07 Africa Special.
  • 20×03 Supercars in Spain.
  • 10×09 Britcar 24 Hour.
  • 08×03 Amphibious Vehicles I.
  • 11×04 Race across Japan.
  • 08×06 The Caravan Holiday.
  • 09×06 Stretch Limos.

What episode does Top Gear Drive Death Road?

Top Gear: Bolivia Special is a special 76-minute episode of the motoring series Top Gear, originally broadcast on BBC Two in the United Kingdom at 19:45 on 27 December 2009. This is episode 6 of series 14.

Where can I watch Top Gear season 18?

Streaming, rent, or buy Top Gear – Season 18: Currently you are able to watch “Top Gear – Season 18” streaming on Pluto TV for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, Vudu.

Who died from Top Gear?

SABINE Schmitz was a racing legend and well-loved presenter of the motoring show Top Gear. She died in March 2021 following a battle with cancer.

Where can I watch Top Gear specials?

If you’re into that, you can watch the new version of Top Gear (US) on Netflix or MotorTrend. However, for the US version, we offer you a third option: BBC iPlayer.

Why is Grand Tour not available in India?

The Grand Tour episode 4: Amazon heavily censor Jeremy Clarkson show in India due to use of ‘cow organs’ | The Independent | The Independent.