Where can I buy a Virgin Mobile card?

Where can I buy a Virgin Mobile card?

Buy a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card at your local Speedway, Best Buy, Target, Walgreens or Walmart and add it to your account from your phone. Like this page for the latest information on Lifeline service from Assurance Wireless.

Do Virgin Mobile top up cards expire?

Yes! Prepaid funds are valid for a specified number of days starting from the time of the day they’re added to your account (“Active Period”). Unused funds will expire at the end of the Active Period.

Who has taken over Virgin Mobile?

In 2019, Virgin Mobile announced it was ending its deal with EE and moving over to the Vodafone network from 2021. That transition started happening in January this year, meaning that customers taking new contracts or upgrading to 5G services are now running on Vodafone’s network.

Can you buy Virgin Mobile top up cards?

Buy your Virgin Mobile top up voucher online Whichever you choose, you will receive the Virgin Mobile top up code instantly in your inbox. That way, you can top up your Pay As You Go balance 24/7 within just a few seconds!

Can you still get top up cards for mobile phones?

Depending on your provider, you can top-up your mobile phone at most Post Offices, Payzone retailers and major supermarkets. You can also top-up at most ATMs. To top-up at Post Office, Payzone store or a Supermarket, you will have to purchase E-voucher or swipe your E- top-up card supplied by your mobile Network.

How do I reload my Virgin Mobile prepaid?

How can I recharge my Virgin Mobile ‘Wallet’? To recharge your Virgin Mobile in-app ‘Wallet’, click on ‘Recharge’ in the wallet space on your home screen, then select the amount you want to recharge with.

Is Virgin Mobile ending pay as you go?

Virgin Media’s Pay As You Go service is coming to an end by January 2022. “VIRGIN Media has announced they’re axing their pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans. The 123,000 affected customers will be given the option to change their tariff or move providers, according to a Virgin Media spokesperson.

Is Virgin Mobile now O2?

No, your Virgin Mobile contract won’t automatically switch to O2. If you’re a customer of Virgin Media broadband and you’d like to access supercharged benefits, you’ll need to switch your current mobile contract to O2 or live in a household where at least one eligible O2 Pay Monthly tariff is registered.

Is Virgin Mobile ending Pay As You Go?

Does Virgin still do Pay As You Go?

We regularly review our offerings to make sure we’re meeting our customers’ needs and usage. After careful review, we’ve decided to close our Pay As You Go services and focus on providing even greater Pay Monthly plans.

How do I top up my pay-as-you-go SIM?

How do I top-up a PAYG Mobile Phone? You can top-up a PAYG mobile by purchasing a mobile top up E-voucher or E-top up card over the counter at any Payzone store, Post Office branch, over the phone, online, or via text message.

Do you have to top up every month on pay-as-you-go?

If you choose a traditional Pay As You Go plan, there’s no need to top-up your phone every month. You’ll just need to keep your SIM card active. This normally means using it for a chargeable activity at least once every 180 days.