What was the score of the Clippers game tonight?

What was the score of the Clippers game tonight?

The Clippers beat the Heat 112 to 109. Paul George led the scoring with 27 points, Paul George led in assists with 5 assists, and Ivica Zubac led by grabbing 11 rebounds. Game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the LA Clippers played on Sat November 13th 2021.

What are the Clippers record?

52 Seasons

Season Lg W
2019-20 NBA 49
2018-19 NBA 48
2017-18 NBA 42
2016-17 NBA 51

What channel is the Clippers game on?

April 12

Game Time (ET) US National TV
Cavaliers vs. Nets 7 p.m. TNT
Clippers vs. Timberwolves 9:30 p.m. TNT

Who is on the Clippers roster?

Kawhi LeonardSmall forwardPaul GeorgePower forwardReggie JacksonPoint guardNorman PowellSmall forwardLuke KennardSmall forwardTerance MannSmall forward
Los Angeles Clippers/Players

Who won the Clippers game?

Jokic, Nuggets bounce back with 127-115 win over LA Clippers.

Where can I watch the Clipper game tonight?

See our NBA National TV Schedule to see the Clippers games airing nationally. ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV, are available on the following TV streaming service: Sling Orange – see Sling TV review or sign up. YouTube TV – see YouTube TV review or sign up.

Is Kawhi Leonard injured?

The 2021-22 NBA season was exhausting for the LA Clippers, and lack of availability was a major part of it. Expectations were already depressed due to Kawhi Leonard suffering a partially torn ACL almost a year ago in the 2021 postseason.

Who is the best Clipper player?

1. Blake Griffin. Paul may have been the most polished player and the maestro of the Lob City Clippers, but everyone on the planet knows who was the most exciting.

Will the Clippers make the playoffs?

Without Paul George, Clippers fall to Pelicans in play-in game and will miss playoffs.

Why does Los Angeles have two NBA teams?

Until 1960, the city didn’t have a team. They only became a two-team city in 1984 when the Clips moved up the road from San Diego—in large part because Sterling grew up in LA. Sterling was a polarizing figure who has had articles and books written about his time running the team (poorly, I might add).

How can I watch the Clipper game live?

How to Watch Clippers Game Live Without Cable

  1. Watch Clippers Game Live on to Sling TV (Free Trial)
  2. Stream Clippers Game Tonight on PlayStation Vue.
  3. NBA League Pass.
  4. Watch Clippers Live on Antenna TV For Free.
  5. TNT Overtime Free.
  6. NBA League Pass International.

How can I watch the Clippers live?

To watch Clippers games if you live outside the Los Angeles market, you will need NBA League Pass. NBA League Pass will show every Clippers game that isn’t exclusively airing nationally on ESPN, ABC, TNT, or NBA TV.