What temperature do Apistogramma like?

What temperature do Apistogramma like?

Water temperature should be kept between 73 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This species is peaceful when kept with other community species similar in size and non-aggressive (avoid other dwarf cichlid species).

Are Apistogramma Hardy?

This dwarf cichlid is a hardy fish, which, unlike the majority of the Apistogramma species, does not require soft and acidic water—it is perfectly comfortable at a pH of 7 and general hardness of up to 10 dGH.

Does Apistogramma need soft water?

The majority of Apistogramma spp. are characterized by their absolute need for very soft and relatively acidic water for proper development. Achieving such parameters can be somewhat difficult for the average hobbyist, however, especially when their tap water is hard.

What do you feed apistogramma Borellii?

borelli will eat most foods, including flake, although we prefer to feed newly hatched brine shrimp, glass worms and frozen brine.

Can you keep Apistogramma in a 10 gallon tank?

Ten gallon is a bit small for a pair, unless it is very heavily planted and has lots of cover. Smaller, less aggressive species would work, Apistogramma borellii for example. A male on his own would be fine, and you could dither it with any Tetra etc.

How many Apistogrammas should be kept together?

Apistogramma Tank Mates These fish can become targets very quickly due to their small size. It’s best to keep more than one Apistogramma in the tank.

Can you breed Apistogramma in hard water?

In my experience the hard water doesn’t stop them spawning, just stops the eggs from developing and/or hatching.

Do Apistogramma need to be in pairs?

While there is a lot of variation from species to species, apistos tend to live in “harems” with one male and four or five females. These fish need to be kept in groups or pairs in order to thrive, and keeping a group will make breeding easier should you choose to try it.

How many Apistogramma are in a 15 gallon?

A 15 gallon tank is very adequate for pairs of most apistos. A pair of A. macmasteri shoud do well in it, provided that it is properly decorated to delineate territorial boundaries and break up side-to-side line of sight in it. Good dither/target fish are 2 – 4 pencilfishes or other top swimming non-schooling species.

Can Apistogramma live with neon tetras?

Here are some of our favorite Apistogramma tank mates: Fish of the same species. Neon Tetras. Various Type Of Rasboras (the Galaxy Rasbora is our favorite)

Does Apistogramma need sand?

Active Member. Sand is definitely NOT a must as many apisto breeders and hobbyists in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore do NOT use sand. I myself only use sand in a few tanks with special purposes. The majority of other apisto collectors and breeders in Hong Kong even do NOT use sands as the substrates for any tank!!

Can Apistogramma live in gravel?

Tank Requirements They prefer sand over gravel as they like to sift, however, I keep mine with gravel and have had no issues.

How many Apistogramma are in a 10 gallon?