What percent of NZ is religious?

What percent of NZ is religious?

Almost half (48.6 percent) of New Zealanders stated they had no religion in the 2018 census and 6.7 percent made no declaration. However, Christianity remains the most common religion; 37 percent of the population at the 2018 census identified as Christian.

What is NZ’s main religion?

Religion. New Zealand is nominally Christian, with Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian denominations being the largest. Other Protestant sects and Māori adaptations of Christianity (the Rātana and Ringatū churches) constitute the remainder of the Christian population.

How many Māori are religious?

Thus, the total number of identified Māori Muslims was 0.19 percent of the Māori population in 2006. This dropped to 0.1 percent in the 2018 census.

What percentage of NZ go to church?

“Although 33 per cent of the population affiliate with Christianity, 9 per cent of the population go to church pretty well every week so we are a minority in New Zealand society and that needs to be reflected in how we engage with society.”

Is New Zealand an atheist country?

The results of this survey indicated that 72% of the population believed in a god or a higher power, 15% were agnostic, and 13% were atheist (with a 3% margin of error). According to a report by the American Physical Society, religion may die out in New Zealand and eight other Western world countries.

Is Christianity growing in New Zealand?

Today, while traditional denominations of Christianity have been declining in popularity, evangelical sects are continuing to gain adherents. The percentage of people identifying as non-religious has been steadily increasing from 29.6% in 2001, to 34.6% in 2006, to 41.9% in 2013 and 48.6% in 2018.

Can Christians be in Māori?

Māori Christians often practised their faith in distinctively Māori ways, and many took the new faith seriously.

What percentage of the US population has no religion?

The 2018 Census results showed almost half the population (48.2 percent) had no religion, compared with 41.9 percent in the 2013 Census, 34.6 percent in the 2006 Census, and 29.6 in the 2001 Census.

How many New Zealanders say they have no religion?

More than 2 million New Zealanders say they have no religion, Stats NZ said today. In the 2018 Census, 2,264,601 people in the census usually resident population count reported they had no religion.

When was the 2013 census held in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings was held on 5 March 2013. Census provides general information about the New Zealand census, and data and methods for censuses from other years.

Where can I find the number of religious congregations in America?

The 2010 U.S. Religion Census. The U.S. Religion Census is your source for religious data at the county level. It reports the number of congregations in every U.S. county equivalent for each of 236 faith groups.