What nationality is Majah Hype?

What nationality is Majah Hype?


Full Name Nigel Joseph
Stage Name Majah Hype
Profession/Famous as Comedian, Actor, Social media sensation
Nationality Jamaican
Date of Birth 12 December 1971

Is major hype Jamaican?

Born Nigel Joseph in the Caribbean, Majah grew up the oldest of three children with his mother in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Did Majah Hype go to jail?

According to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office arrest report online, Comedian Majah Hype is out on bail after spending only a night behind bars. The arrest report further revealed that Majah Hype was released minutes after one this morning from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia.

Where is Majah Hype wife from?

Majah Hype’s wife, Latisha, is a Brooklyn resident. Her full name is Latisha Kirby. Not much else is known about her as, unlike the comedian, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Latisha doesn’t enjoy life in the social media spotlight.

Is Majah Hype an abuser?

Latisha Kirby Farrell has outed her ex-bae Collin Nigel McPherson, also known as Majah Hype, as her abuser– months after admitting she was a victim of domestic abuse. In December, Farrell went live on Instagram and admitted she was a victim of intimate partner violence. She never named her abuser.

What’s going on with Majah Hype?

For the uninformed, Majah Hype is a social media comedian known for making skits targeting the Caribbean-American community. In the follow-up video, she accused him of leaking sex tapes from a decade ago as a distraction from the abuse allegations. “I’m not going to be quiet.

What is Majah Hype Ex girlfriend name?

Late last year, Caribbean comedian, Majah Hype, mostly known for his skits on social media, was accused of physically assaulting his longtime girlfriend Kirby Farrell.