What kind of paper is Astrobrights?

What kind of paper is Astrobrights?

Created in 1969, ASTROBRIGHTS was the first to offer brightly-colored paper and cardstock and has the largest selection of bold, vibrant colors!…

Brand Astrobrights
Color Spectrum
Item Weight 1.1 Pounds
Paper Finish Smooth
Sheet Size 8.5×11

How thick is Astrobright paper?

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock, 8.5” x 11”, 65 lb / 176 gsm, “Spectrum” 25-Color Assortment, 75 Sheets (80944-01)

Is Astrobright a cardstock?

ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers | Bright Color Paper, Colored Cardstock & More.

Is Astrobright construction paper?

Astrobrights : Construction Paper : Target.

Does Astrobright paper glow in the dark?

Let your brightest ideas radiate with the luminous colors of “Glow” 5-Color Assortment. Our paper is 20% thicker than standard color paper for bleed-free and easy double-sided printing.

What is a ream of white cardstock?

250 Sheets
With a 92 bright-white shade and a smooth paper finish, this 90lb index cardstock is designed for bleed-free, dual-sided print and copy use on all copiers, laser printers and inkjet printers that accept this cover cardstock weight….

Material Paper
Size 1 Ream | 250 Sheets
Item Weight 1 Pounds

Can you print on Astrobrights?

Yes, Astrobrights® paper, cardstock, awards and certificates are designed to print easily in any copier, laser or inkjet printer.

Does neon paper glow in blacklight?

Yes it glows very well in black light.

Will neon colors glow in blacklight?

Have a look in your cupboards and around your house and I’m sure you will find some things that glow under black lights. Anything that is neon colored or white is likely to work. If you have any fluro yellow or orange hi-visibility shirts for work or for running at night these will glow.

What is the hardest card stock?

The higher the number, the heavier, and usually thicker, the paper….You may have noticed that our specialty papers are split up into four categories:

  • Light Weight – Up to 169 gsm.
  • Medium Weight – 170-216 gsm.
  • Heavy Weight – 217-284 gsm.
  • Extra Heavy Weight – 285 gsm & Up.

Can you print on Astrobrights cardstock?

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