What is Tsilili?

What is Tsilili?

Traditional Greek tsipouro Tsilili is one of the most famous in Greece. It is produced from aromatic grape marcs in Thessaly. Aromas of citrus fruits, rose, peach and mint are dominant. Alcohol by volume: 41 % vol.

Is tsipouro a brandy?

Tsipouro (Greek: τσίπουρο, romanized: tsípouro) is an un-aged brandy from Greece and in particular Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, and the island of Crete (where Cretans call it tsikoudia).

Does Tsipouro turn white?

Ouzo is a clear liquid. However, when water or ice is added, ouzo turns a milky-white colour.

Is tsipouro a grappa?

What is tsipouro? By definition, tsipouro is a pomace brandy. It’s been compared to Italian grappa, which is a strong distilled alcohol that contains 40-45 percent alcohol by volume. Grappa’s main ingredient is pomace, the remains of grapes after the juice has been extracted — a mixture of skins, seeds and pulp.

How strong is tsipouro?

Tsipouro (also called tsikoudia or raki in Crete) is a quintessential Greek spirit alongside the more commonly recognised Ouzo. Tsipouro is made by distilling the residue of grapes left over from the wine pressing process and produces a strong spirit of 40-45% alcohol.

Is Raki and tsipouro the same?

Tsipouro is a real Greek product closely related to the Greek lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment of the Greeks. The Cretan raki, originally called tsikoudia in Crete, is the same in production and taste as tsipouro, the pomace brandy known in Greece. Raki is the drink served on Crete on almost every occasion.

What is the difference between ouzo and tsipouro?

Tsipouro and ouzo can have a similar taste, especially if anise is added to tsipouro, but the difference in production is huge. Unlike ouzo, tsipouro keeps the aroma of primarily distilled products, due to its lower degree of distillation, while ouzo loses aroma.

What’s the difference between ouzo and tsipouro?

What do you drink with tsipouro?

You can try the tsipouro straight, you can try it with ice, or you can try it with water. For the best-quality tsipouro, you want to try it with ice only, in a wide glass so you can smell it and taste it.”

Is tsipouro the same as raki?

Is Raki and tsipouro same?

Is tsipouro stronger than ouzo?

Tsipouro’s alcoholic grades are usually higher than ouzo, so tsipouro can be considered ‘stronger’.