What is the most Overstable driver?

What is the most Overstable driver?

The Most Overstable Distance Drivers

  • Albatross by Daredevil.
  • Missilen by Latitude 64.
  • Rampage by Legacy.
  • Nuke OS by Discraft.
  • X2 by Prodigy.
  • Panic by Axiom.
  • Limit by MVP.
  • Stilleto by Latitude 64.

What are Overstable discs good for?

Typically used by strong arm high speed throwers. The more overstable a disc, the greater the tendency to turn opposite the direction of the spin. The more overstable a disc, the greater wind it can handle.

What is the most Overstable midrange disc?

The 13 best overstable mid-range discs

  • Dynamic Discs Justice (5, 1, 0.5, 4)
  • Innova Shark (4, 4, 0, 2)
  • Prodigy M2 (5, 4, 0, 2)
  • Infinite Discs Ra (5, 4, 0, 2.5)
  • Kastaplast Kaxe (6, 4, 0, 3)
  • Axiom Pyro (5, 4, 0, 2.5)
  • Westside Discs Gatekeeper (4, 5, 0, 2)
  • Discraft Malta (5, 4, 1, 3)

What is the most Understable disc?

What is this? The Mamba is one of the most understable disc golf discs ever made and sports a ridiculous -5 turn rating (turn ranges from 1 to -5, with -5 being the most turn). The Mamba is the best disc on the market for roller shots.

What discs are Overstable?

OVERSTABLE – An overstable disc has a higher Fade number than High Speed Turn number. For RHBH* thrower, the disc has high tendency to fly to the Left. For example, a disc with flight numbers 13/5/-1/3 would be considered overstable.

How do you know if its Overstable or Understable?

Understable means a flight that turns right ( RHBH throw). Stable is a flight that doesn’t turn. Overstable refers to a flight that turns left ( RHBH throw). Spike/Spike Hyzer is a shot that lands almost vertically and doesn’t skip.

How do I know if a disc is Overstable or Understable?

One quick way to tell if a disc is Overstable or Understable is to look at its Turn rating. This is typically the third number on the disc. Understable discs are rated -5 to -3, stable discs are rated -2 to -1 and Overstable discs are rated 0 to 1.

What is an Overstable midrange?

Overstable midrange discs tend to fly straight and then fade to the left (when thrown right-handed backhand). This makes them helpful for getting down narrow lanes or around obstacles. They are known for having a very consistent flight path, even if your technique is a little off.

What does Kaxe mean?

Kaxe is an old Swedish word for a self-confident person.

What is a good Understable driver?

Best Understable Distance Drivers

  • Innova Tern.
  • Discraft Avenger SS.
  • Axiom Excite.
  • Innova Roadrunner.
  • Innova Valkyrie.

When should you throw an Understable disc?

Understable discs can be utilized for long panning anhyzer shots that drift from left-to-right the entire flight path. They are great for hyzer flip shots, where you throw the disc on a hyzer release angle. When done right, it will flip up to flat and fly really far before fading softly at the end.

How do I know if my disk is Overstable or Understable?

How do I make a CD more Overstable?

Tuning your disc won’t make it sound better, but bending the wing can get you some results. Some people say bending the edges down will make a disc understable and bending them up will make it slightly overstable. Other people say never to bend the disc in this manner.

Are Overstable discs good for beginners?

Overstable is a term that describes the overall flight patterns of golf discs, i.e. where they land compared to their starting point. * Overstable discs are recommended for players with experience and power. They are NOT considered beginner friendly.