What is the main purpose of the Integrated Program Management report IPMR format 6?

What is the main purpose of the Integrated Program Management report IPMR format 6?

The purpose of the IPMR is to provide early identification of problems that may have significant cost, schedule and/or technical impacts, and report the effects of management actions and project status information for use in making and validating management decisions.

What is the main purpose of the Integrated Program Management report IPMR 1?

Purpose of the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) The purpose of the IPMR is to help the Government understand a contractor’s cost and schedule performance by communicating a program’s cost and scheduling information between the prime contractor and the Government.

What are some types of information the Integrated Program Management report IPMR format 3 provides?

The report is used to: Integrating cost, schedule, and technical performance data. Identifying potential problem areas that may cause significant cost variance and schedule variance. Providing valid, timely, and accurate contract status information.

What is the importance of the IPMR format 5?

IPMR Format 5 – this report is used to explain significant variations from the baseline that have been highlighted in the Format 1 report. Control Account Managers enter narratives to explain the reason, impact, and corrective actions they plan to take to mitigate the issue.

What does Cdrl stand for?

Answer. The Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) identifies which data products must be delivered by the contractor to the government. Often the CDRL will include the timing and format required for the data deliverables.

What is the purpose of an integrated master schedule?

The primary purpose of an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is to provide all project participants with a consistent tool for planning, executing and tracking technical, schedule, cost and risk activity.

Who is responsible for Statusing the integrated master schedule?

In an Integrated Program Management (IPM) environment, the Master Scheduler (sometimes called a Program Master Scheduler or Integrated Master Scheduler) is an experienced scheduler who is responsible for maintaining the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) for one or more programs.

What data does the IPMR format 3 detail?

Format 3 provides changes to the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). Format 4 provides staffing forecasts. Format 5 is a narrative report used to provide the required explanations of changes and analysis of data contained in Formats 1-4 and 6.

What is an IPMR?

The IPMR contains data for measuring cost and schedule performance on Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition contracts. It is structured around seven formats that contain the content and relationships required for the electronic submissions.

What is the meaning of IPMR?

Indigenous Person Mandatory Representative (IPMR) Election.

Is a CDRL a deliverable?

The CDRL is the contract vehicle requiring the Contractor to provide the Government a product deliverable, in this example, an Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) .

How do you develop IMS?

To build a reasonable IMP and IMS, you need to estimate the attributes of work products and work packages, determine the resources needed, estimate schedule durations, and identify and analyze program risks.

How do I create an integrated master plan?

The 5 Steps in Developing the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) [1]

  1. Step 1: Determine the IMP structure and organization.
  2. Step 2: Identify events, accomplishment and criteria.
  3. Step 3: Prepare the introduction and narrative section.
  4. Step 4: Complete the numbering system.

What is earned value reporting?

What is an earned value report? An earned value report compares planned value (PV), earned value (EV), and actual cost (AC) of a project, providing a snapshot of the work progress in terms of budget and schedule.

What reports if any must the Navy program manager require the contractor to provide regarding their cost schedule and technical performance?

What reports, if any, must the Navy Program Manager (PM) require the contractor to provide regarding their cost, schedule, and technical performance? The contractor would submit an Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) formats 1 through 7.

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What is the integrated program management report (IPMR)?

The Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) as described in Data Item Description DI-MGMT-81861 is a contractually required report to the customer per the Department of Defense Instruction 5000.02. It was issued June 20, 2012, and supersedes the Contract Performance Report defined in Data Item Description (DID) DI-MGMT-81466A.

How should the IPMR be tailored to my program?

The IPMR should always be carefully tailored to meet the needs of each individual program and should reflect how the contractor is implementing the seven formats as a program management tool to manage the contract’s performance. [1]

What are the different formats of Integrated Program Management Report?

Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) Formats The IPMR is structured around seven formats that contain the content and relationships required for electronic submissions. Format 1: defines cost and schedule performance data by product-oriented Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Is the IPMR required for all contracts?

The IPMR is not typically required for cost or incentive contracts valued at less than $20 million, contracts less than 12 months in duration, or Firm-Fixed Price contracts for production efforts. The IPMR is structured around seven formats that contain the content and relationships required for electronic submissions.