What is the difference between the T-800 and the T-1000?

What is the difference between the T-800 and the T-1000?

The T-1000 responds by shooting the T-800 with a Browning Hi-Power pistol in the back. The T-800 is unfazed! In hand-to-hand combat between the two, the T-1000 is stronger and faster, pummeling the T-800 repeatedly.

What was T-1000 made of?

liquid metal
In the Terminator 2 storyline, the T-1000 is made of liquid metal. The T-800 explains that the T-1000 is a more advanced Terminator, composed entirely of a “mimetic polyalloy”, rendering it capable of rapid shape shifting, near-perfect mimicry and recovery from damage.

Does the T-1000 blink?

7 He Almost Never Blinks It’s not just shootouts either: in car chases and in his fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, he is never blinking. When he is spotted blinking is actually in the scenes where he poses as a normal human police officer.

Can a Terminator feel pain?

Despite Kyle Reese’s claim in the first film that “cyborgs do not feel pain,” it is said in the second film that they are capable of sensing injuries and that “the data could be called pain”, according to the Model 101.

How did the T-1000 go back in time?

Skynet is able to send T-1000 Terminators back through time, while the T-Infinity, is able to travel without any problem by the onboard TDE — yet they do not possess living tissue.

Is the T-1000 stronger than the T3000?

That being said, the T1000 about matched the strength of a T800 but we never saw it surpass it, whereas the T3000 clearly outmatched the T800 in raw strength.

How fast is t800 Terminator?

According to the Wiki, the T-800 is capable of burst of speed of up to 22 mph.

Did the T-1000 know the T-800?

The T-1000 didn’t know it was a Terminator. He emptied the gun clip at him on first encounter. If he already knew, then he’d knew the T-800 was bulletproof and wouldn’t bother firing. And no he was shooting for the Terminator as he shielded John, not directly at John.

How is T-1000 killed?

As with other evil movie machinery (yes, Death Star, we mean you), T-1000 had a fatal flaw that allowed Sarah Connor and the T-800 to kill him: chucking him into a vat of molten lava.

Is a liquid metal Terminator possible?

Scientists have developed a liquid metal that is able to stretch horizontally and vertically, as well as change shapes, much like the T-1000 robot featured in ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day.