What is the density of acetonitrile?

What is the density of acetonitrile?

786 kg/m³Acetonitrile / Density

What is the density of acetonitrile in g mL?

0.7822 g/mL

Physical Properties
Density 0.7822 g/mL (6.527 lb/gal) at 20°C
0.7766 g/mL (6.481 lb/gal) at 25°C
Dielectric constant 37.5 at 20°C
Dipole moment 3.44 D at 20°C

Is acetonitrile water soluble?

Acetonitrile is easily ignited by heat, sparks or flames and gives off highly toxic hydrogen cyanide fumes when heated. It dissolves easily in water. It can react with water, steam or acids to produce flammable vapors that can form explosive mixtures when exposed to air.

Is acetonitrile an aqueous solution?

Acetonitrile aqueous solution has an upper critical solution temperature (UCST) at 272 K at c = 0.38 (c represents the mole fraction of acetonitrile).

What is the density of acetonitrile at 30 C in G cm3?

Density 0.783 g / cm3. Toxic by skin absorption. Less dense than water. Vapors are denser than air.

How do you make acetonitrile solution?

Question: Example for 2000 mL mobile phase solution of acetonitrile and water (1:1). the 5% is mostly referring to the volume ratio, first, you can prepare acetonitrile:water solution by mixing equal amounts of both solvents, say 50 ml and 50 ml.

Why is acetonitrile used as a solvent?

Acetonitrile is often used because of its low UV cutoff, lower viscosity (methanol forms highly viscous mixtures with water at certain concentrations), and higher boiling point.

What type of solvent is acetonitrile?

polar aprotic solvent
Acetonitrile is a nitrile that is hydrogen cyanide in which the hydrogen has been replaced by a methyl group. It has a role as a polar aprotic solvent and an EC 3.5. 1.4 (amidase) inhibitor. It is an aliphatic nitrile and a volatile organic compound.

What is the density of water in English units?

What Is the Density of Water?

Unit Water Density
Density of water g/cm3 1 g/cm3
Density of water g/mL 1 g/mL
Density of water kg/m3 1000 kg/m3
Density of water lb/ft3 62.4 lbs/ft3

What is the density of water in g?

0.9998395 g/ml
A common unit of measurement for water’s density is gram per milliliter (1 g/ml) or 1 gram per cubic centimeter (1 g/cm3). Actually, the exact density of water is not really 1 g/ml, but rather a bit less (very, very little less), at 0.9998395 g/ml at 4.0° Celsius (39.2° Fahrenheit).

How do you mix ACN and water?

There are too many ways to make phase up, the instructions must be definitive, and exact. For example, ACN and water are completely miscible. But adding 800ml water and 200ml ACN will be somewhat different volume than if you added 800ml water to a 1000ml volumetric flask, then mixed and diluted to volume with water.

What happens when acetonitrile is mixed with water?

On the other hand acetonitrile on mixing with water results in absorption of heat resulting in cooling and contraction of mixed volume. Such composition variations result in noticeable changes of polarity of mixtures which have observable variations in separation characteristics of sample molecules.

Why ACN is used in HPLC?

What is the pH of acetonitrile?

The pH 19 in acetonitrile corresponds by its acidity pretty well to pH 7 in water. Nevertheless, this is more a coincidence than anything else: the pH 1.5 in sulfuric acid is not even near neutrality in terms of aqueous pH.

What is the formula of acetonitrile?

C₂H₃NAcetonitrile / Formula