What is the definition of parcel in real estate?

What is the definition of parcel in real estate?

Parcel of Real Property means any land owned by one or more persons, the boundaries of which are set forth in a single deed, series of deeds, or similar document.

What is parcel in American?

parcel in American English (ˈpɑːrsəl) (verb -celed, -celing or esp Brit -celled, -celling) noun. 1. an object, article, container, or quantity of something wrapped or packed up; small package; bundle.

What does parcel mean in land?

Definitions of parcel of land. an extended area of land. synonyms: parcel, piece of ground, piece of land, tract.

Is parcel American or British word?

The two words have almost exactly the same meaning in British English, but a parcel usually has a more regular shape than a package. Charities sent parcels of food and clothes to the refugees. I am taking this package to the post office. In American English, package is usually used rather than `parcel’.

What is the difference between parcel and postal?

Parcel post is a postal service for mail that is too heavy for normal letter post. It is usually slower than letter post. The development of the parcel post is closely connected with the development of the railway network which enabled parcels to be carried in bulk, to a regular schedule and at economic prices.

Why do British people say parcel?

A parcel or package is an object or group of objects wrapped in paper, that can be carried somewhere or sent by post. The two words have almost exactly the same meaning in British English, but a parcel usually has a more regular shape than a package.

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Is parcel the same as property?

In real estate, a lot or plot is a tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by some owner(s). A plot is essentially considered a parcel of real property in some countries or immovable property (meaning practically the same thing) in other countries.

What does parcel mean in UK?

/ˈpɑːsəl/ us. UK. (also package) an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper, especially so that it can be sent by post: There were several parcels waiting for her in the post room.

How is Parcel Post delivered?

Parcel post, now known as Retail Ground, allows you to mail packages via USPS. Priority mail is faster, but Retail Ground accepts larger packages and those with awkward shapes, such as tubes.

What are condoms called in England?

Rubber. This is an informal way of saying condom on the US – so a rubber is a contraceptive. We just call them condoms in the UK. And we use rubbers to remove pencil marks from paper. That’s an eraser.

Why do British say post instead of mail?

The public service by which letters and parcels are collected and delivered is usually called the post in British English and the mail in American English. Mail is also sometimes used in British English, for example in the name Royal Mail. Winners will be notified by post.

What does parcellary mean in surveying?

parcellary (not comparable) Relating to parcels or divisions of land and their ownership. a parcellary survey; Anagrams . carpellary

What is parcenary?

PARCENARY. The state or condition of holding title to lands jointly by parceners, before the common inheritance has been divided. Litt. sec. 56. Vide 2 Bl. Com. 187; Coparcenary; Estate In coparcenary.

What is the meaning of parcel?

English Language Learners Definition of parcel : a section or area of land : a box or large envelope that is usually given, sent, or delivered to a person See the full definition for parcel in the English Language Learners Dictionary