What is the correct name for CH4 carbon Tetrahydride?

What is the correct name for CH4 carbon Tetrahydride?

MethaneMethane / IUPAC ID

What is carbon Tetrahydride formula?

CHâ‚„Methane / Formula

What is the correct name for CH4 3 points?

Methane is a colorless odorless gas. It is also known as marsh gas or methyl hydride.

What is CH4 name?

MethaneMethane / IUPAC ID
Methane (CH4) Methane is a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that is the simplest hydrocarbon and is the major constituent of natural gas.

What is CH4 covalent compound name?

Methane (US: MEH-thayn, UK: MEE-thayn) is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4 (one carbon atom bonded to four hydrogen atoms). It is a group-14 hydride, the simplest alkane, and the main constituent of natural gas.

What does Tetrahydride mean?

Definition of tetrahydride : a binary compound of an element or radical with four atoms of hydrogen.

What is nitrogen Tetrahydride?

1. A colorless, pungent gas, NH3, extensively used to manufacture fertilizers and a wide variety of nitrogen-containing organic and inorganic chemicals. 2.

What are the uses of tetrachloromethane?

It is non-combustible. Tetrachloromethane is an effective solvent within the chemical industry and is used to clean machinery and electrical equipment. It can also be used in the production of chemical products….Tetrachloromethane (TCM)

Name PRTR Tetrachloromethane (TCM)
Chemical formula CCl4

Does geh4 ignite in air?

Germane is the chemical compound with the formula GeH4, and the germanium analogue of methane. It is the simplest germanium hydride and one of the most useful compounds of germanium. Like the related compounds silane and methane, germane is tetrahedral. It burns in air to produce GeO2 and water.

What is nitrogen tetroxide used for?

Nitrogen tetroxide is used as an oxidizing agent in one of the most important rocket propellants because it can be stored as a liquid at room temperature.

What is nitrogen Trihydride used for?

A colorless alkaline gas, NH3, that is lighter than air and has a strongly pungent odor. It is used as a fertilizer and refrigerant, in medicine, and in making dyes, textiles, plastics, and explosives.

How do you write the name CCl4?

Carbon tetrachloride | CCl4 – PubChem.