What is Section 68 electrical act?

What is Section 68 electrical act?

(1) An overhead line shall, with prior approval of the Appropriate Government, be installed or kept installed above ground in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (2).

How can I complain to Jkpdd?

24×7 Helpline number 18001807666 We are eagerly waiting to serve you better.

How can I complain to electricity cut in Jammu?


  1. 1912.
  2. Toll Free : 18001807183.
  3. 01912479122.
  4. Toll Free : 18001807666.
  5. 6006613056.

How much electricity does J&K produce?

Jammu & Kashmir has a total power generation capacity of 2,648.46 MW under central and State sector.

What is transmission line 164 approval?

The Appropriate Government may, by order in writing, for the placing of electric lines or electrical plant for the transmission of electricity or for the purpose of telephonic or telegraphic communications necessary for the proper coordination of works, confer upon any public officer, licensee or any other person …

What is a Section 68 certificate?

Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 specifies a range of activities where approvals are required to be obtained from the local council. These are often in addition to standard development application (DA) requirements and are known as ‘section 68 approvals’.

Who is the Chief Engineer of PDD Jammu?

Ajay Gupta – Chief Engineer S&O Wing, Jammu – Power Development Department J&K | LinkedIn.

Who is in power in Kashmir?

Government of Jammu and Kashmir

Legislative branch
Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha
Chief Minister Vacant
Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta, IAS

What is one unit of electricity?

one kilowatt-hour
One unit of electricity is equal to one kilowatt-hour. It is the amount of power required to use an appliance of 1000 watt power rating for an hour.

Who supplies electricity Jammu?

Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Limited.

Which state in India produces maximum electricity?

Maharashtra leads in power generation capacity, followed by Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, though Karnataka leads in renewable energy capacity.

What is a section 138 approval?

Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act requires that all activities undertaken within Council’s road reserve be approved by Council prior to the activities being undertaken. Section 138 approval can be sought from Council under two separate assessment processes.

Who is MD of Jkspdc?

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 11: Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Baseer Ahmad Khan, today chaired the 78th Board of Directors meeting of Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited at Civil Secretariat Srinagar.

Who rules J & K?

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is the governing authority of Jammu and Kashmir and its two divisions and 20 districts.