What is Donald Driver known for?

What is Donald Driver known for?

Donald Driver overcame poverty and homelessness to become a Super Bowl champion, Green Bay Packers all-time leading receiver, Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer, New York Times bestselling author, “Dancing with the Stars” champion and award-winning humanitarian.

Is Donald Driver married?

Betina DriverDonald Driver / Spouse (m. 2000)
Driver is married to Betina Driver. They have three children: Cristian, Christina, and Charity. Driver is a Christian. Since 2004, Driver has co-hosted the statewide Packer analysis television series Inside the Huddle with Donald Driver with WLUK-TV’s sports director Drew Smith.

Where did Donald Driver go to high school?

Alcorn State UniversityMilby High School
Donald Driver/Education

What round was Donald Driver drafted in?

7th round
Draft: Green Bay Packers in the 7th round (213th overall) of the 1999 NFL Draft.

How much does Donald Driver weigh?

194 lbsDonald Driver / Weight

Did Donald Driver go to college?

Alcorn State UniversityDonald Driver / College

Is Donald Driver a Hall of Famer?

Donald Driver is a Packers Hall of Famer, and one of the most popular Green Bay players in the last two decades. For Black History Month, the wide receiver gets to honor his roots by another hall of fame selection.

Where did Donald Driver go to college?

How many Super Bowls was Donald Driver in?

He has caught over 50 touchdowns and almost 10,000 yards receiving. He has been in the league for 12 years and he has never been in the Super Bowl.

Where did Greg Jennings go to college?

Western Michigan UniversityGreg Jennings / College

How many field goals has Crosby missed?

Ultimately, Crosby went 4 of 7 on field-goal attempts in that 25-22 Packers win….Mason Crosby missed field goals, stats 2021.

Stat 2021
Field goal percentage 66.7
XP made 31
XP attempted 32
XP percentage 96.9