What is digital divide 12 geography?

What is digital divide 12 geography?

A digital divide is an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies. The term digital divide describes in terms of access to and usage of information and communication technology.

How does geography affect digital divide?

Perhaps the strongest driver of digital inequality is geography. Simply put, the more rural one is, the worse the internet access is. The more urban, the better. Yes, there are exceptions, obviously, with some urban poor folks lacking access and some country people enjoying broadband.

What is the digital divide and why is it important?

The term ‘digital divide’ is used to cover a broad range of social differences in access to and use of digital equipment and services, most notably personal com- puters, and the ability to access the internet in terms of both physical connection and facility of use.

What do you mean by digital divide Class 11?

Answer: Digital divide is the gulf between people who have access to communication technology and those who do not. Fopr example, people of metropolitan cities have access to communication technology in contrast to the people in villages.

What is 12th Tourism?

Answer: Travelling with the motive of recreation rather than business is called tourism. It is a business of providing hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc for people who are travelling.

What is digital divide in India?

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) defines the digital divide as the “gap between individuals, households, businesses, and geographic areas at different socio-economic levels about both their opportunities to access information and communication technologies (ICTs) and to their use of the …

How did the digital divide start?

The digital divide started because of a very progressive effort. The purpose of the National Research and Education Network was to provide internet access to all K-12 students. This effort, while well-founded, generated a divide in access to the internet.

Why is there a big digital divide in most countries by geography?

Less economically developed countries lack the necessary technology and infrastructure to set up a high-speed internet connection. In-country geographical restrictions also widen the digital divide. Urban regions are more likely to have access to 4G or fiber optic internet than rural or mountainous zones.

Who suffers from the digital divide?

According to data collected in 1998, minorities, individuals earning lower incomes, individuals with lower educations, and the unemployed – the exact groups affected most by the digital divide – are the primary users of CACs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital divide?

Pros of the digital divide

  • Increased profitability among businesses having unrestricted access.
  • Digital divide help converse culture and keep the societal fabric intact.
  • Digital divide phenomenon offers increased opportunities.
  • It is an expensive affair.
  • Digital divide widen the segregation between people.

What is digital divide class 10th?

The Digital Divide, also called the digital split, is a social issue referring to the gap that exists between individuals who have access to modern information and communication technology and those who lack access.

What is medical tourism explain the scope of medical services for overseas patients in India Class 12?

When medical treatment is combined with international tourism activity, It is known as medical tourism. Scope of medical services for overseas patients in India: (i)About 55,000 patients from U.S.A visited India in 2005 for treatment. (ii)India has emerged as the leading country of medical tourism in the world.

What is health and medical tourism?

Medical tourism is when a person travels to another country for medical care. Each year, millions of US residents participate in medical tourism. Medical tourists from the United States commonly travel to Mexico and Canada, as well as countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

What is digital divide PDF?

The digital divide refers to an inequality in the access to, use, and impact of digital information and communication technology (ICT) among social agents.

What are the causes of digital divide in India?

Access Digital Divide – The main barriers under this point are lack of telecommunication infrastructure with sufficient reliable bandwidth for Internet connections and cost, the ability to purchase, rent without financial hardship and the necessary equipment. This results in lack of access to technology.

Who created the digital divide?

Lloyd Morrisett
Lloyd Morrisett coined the term digital divide to mean “a discrepancy in access to technology resources between socioeconomic groups” (Robyler, 2003, p. 191).

When did the digital divide begin?

The term digital divide was coined in the mid-1990s as a way to describe the gap in equity between those who have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not.

Why is digital divide a problem?

The coronavirus crisis has shown the effects of the digital divide in education: teachers and students out of the loop because they lack sufficient technology and digital skills. It also increases lack of knowledge by limiting access to knowledge.