What is bianca de la Garza doing now?

What is bianca de la Garza doing now?

Former WCVB anchor Bianca de la Garza has garnered a new shot at news reporting on the pro-Trump cable network Newsmax. De la Garza, 46, first appeared on Newsmax last summer as a guest host. In January, she announced her new role as the co-anchor for the midday show, John Bachman Now.

Where did Matt Lauer go to college?

Ohio University1975–1979Ivy Tech Community CollegeGreenwich High School
Matt Lauer/Education

Where was Matt Lauer born?

New York, NYMatt Lauer / Place of birth

What’s Matt Lauer doing these days?

Lauer was ousted from NBC’s morning show Today in 2017 over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. He has been keeping a low profile since losing his anchor position. His divorce from Annette Roque was finalized in 2019 and he is reportedly dating a longtime acquaintance, Shamin Abas.

Are David Wade and Bianca de la Garza married?

De la Garza met newscaster David Wade when they worked in Albany, New York for competing stations. They married and then had a daughter in 2005. In 2009, de la Garza and Wade announced the end of their marriage.

Does Bianca de la Garza speak Spanish?

Bianca mentioned her dad is from Monterrey, Mexico and due to her parents splitting at a very young age, she did not grow up in a Spanish speaking household.

How much is Matt Lauer currently worth?

What is Matt Lauer’s Net Worth and Salary? Matt Lauer is an American former news anchor and TV host who has a net worth of $80 million. He is most famous for being the host of NBC’s “The Today Show from 1997 to 2017. He was forced to step down in 2017 amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Does Matt Lauer have a degree?

What nationality is Bianca de la Garza?

Bianca de la Garza (born October 13, 1975) is a Mexican-American journalist, television personality, and founder of Bianca de la Garza Beauty. She has worked for various stations such as WCVB, ABC, and FOX.

Is JC Monahan married?

Jim FarrellJ. C. Monahan / Spouse

Is Hoda leaving the Today show?

The Today Show “I want to mention the reason Hoda is off. Like so many others, she tested positive for COVID,” Hager said. “I texted with her this morning.

Does Matt Lauer have any brothers and sisters?

April Lauer StoneMatt Lauer / Siblings