What is a pericentric inversion example?

What is a pericentric inversion example?

A pericentric (“around the center”) inversion includes the centromere (o). In the example, the BCoD region of the standard chromosome ABCoDEFGH has been inverted, to give the locus order A(DoCB)EFGH.

What does pericentric inversion cause?

Pericentric inversion of chromosome 9 causing infertility and subsequent successful in vitro fertilization.

How common is a pericentric inversion?

Introduction. As reviewed by Martin (1991) one can find pericentric inversions in human in 1–2% of general population.

What is the difference between Pericentric and Paracentric inversions?

Pericentric inversions include the centromere, while paracentric inversions occur outside of the centromere; a pericentric inversion can change the length of the chromosome arms above and below the centromere.

What disease is associated with chromosome 9?

Chromosome 9, Trisomy 9p is a rare chromosomal disorder in which a portion of chromosome 9 appears three times (trisomy) rather than twice in cells of the body. The trisomy may involve a portion of the short arm (9p), the entire short arm, or the short arm and a segment of the long arm (9q).

What is the effect of inversion mutation?

Inversions are a special type of mutation in which a piece of chromosomal DNA is flipped 180 degrees. For an inversion to occur, two breaks occur in a chromosome, the region between the breaks gets inverted, and the ends of the region get rejoined to the rest of the chromosome.

What distinguishes Paracentric inversions from Pericentric inversions?

What distinguishes paracentric inversions from pericentric inversions? Paracentric inversions do not include the centromere; pericentric inversions do include the centromere.

What is Pericentric?

involving sections of chromosome on both sides of the centromere; of or pertaining to the centromere of a chromosome.

What is pericentric inversion of Y chromosome?

Pericentric inversion of the Y chromosome is a structural variant of the human Y chromo- some, and prevalence of males with this structural abnormality is 1 per 1000 [18]. Inverted Y chromosome is generally not associated with specific phenotypic abnormalities or fertility problem [15].

What is Pallister-Killian syndrome?

This condition is characterized by extremely weak muscle tone (hypotonia) in infancy and early childhood, intellectual disability, distinctive facial features, sparse hair, areas of unusual skin coloring (pigmentation), and other birth defects.

What is inversion syndrome?

An inversion is a chromosome rearrangement in which a segment of a chromosome is reversed end-to-end. An inversion occurs when a single chromosome undergoes breakage and rearrangement within itself. Inversions are of two types: paracentric and pericentric.