What happened in the US in 1719?

What happened in the US in 1719?

1719. May: Spanish settlers surrender Pensacola, Florida to French forces. Two ships of enslaved Africans arrive in Louisiana, carrying rice farmers from the West Coast of Africa, the first such captives brought into the colony.

What happened in the 1720s?

February 17 – The Treaty of The Hague is signed between Spain, Britain, France, Austria and the Dutch Republic, ending the War of the Quadruple Alliance. February 24 – Battle of Nassau: Spanish forces assault the British settlement of Nassau, Bahamas during the War of the Quadruple Alliance.

What happened in the 1710s?

December 8 – War of the Spanish Succession – Battle of Brihuega: An outnumbered British force under James Stanhope is forced to surrender. December 10 – War of the Spanish Succession – Battle of Villaviciosa: The indecisive battle between retreating Austrian-Dutch forces and a Franco-Spanish army is fought out.

What is significant about the year 1718?

May 1 – San Antonio is founded by Father Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares with the construction of the initial Mission San Antonio de Valero. May 7 – The settlement of New Orleans is founded in New France.

What happened in the year 1735?

1735 – John Peter Zenger is brought to trial for seditious libel but is acquitted after his lawyer successfully convinces the jury that truth is a defense against libel. 1737 – The first colonial copper coins are minted, in Connecticut. 1739 – England declares war on Spain.

What was happening in the late 1700s?

1700–1721: Great Northern War between the Russian and Swedish Empires. 1701: Kingdom of Prussia declared under King Frederick I. 1701–1714: The War of the Spanish Succession is fought, involving most of continental Europe. 1702–1715: Camisard Rebellion in France.

What was America called in the 1700s?

American colonies, also called thirteen colonies or colonial America, the 13 British colonies that were established during the 17th and early 18th centuries in what is now a part of the eastern United States.

What was happening in 1735?

What was established in 1718?

San Antonio was founded May 1, 1718, when a Spanish expedition from Mexico established the Mission San Antonio de Valero. The mission, later called the Alamo (Spanish: “Cottonwood”), was one of five founded in the area and was named for St. Anthony of Padua.

Why is the year 1738 significant?

November 18 – The Treaty of Vienna is ratified, ending the War of the Polish Succession. Under the terms of the treaty, Stanisław Leszczyński receives Lorraine in exchange for renouncing the Polish throne.

What was invented in 1735?

Chemistry. Cobalt is discovered and isolated by Georg Brandt. This is the first metal discovered since ancient times.

What historical event happened in the 1700s?