What did Percy and Annabeth see when they made it to the doors of death?

What did Percy and Annabeth see when they made it to the doors of death?

While at the Doors of Death, Percy and Annabeth see many monsters that they had fought in the mortal world, all waiting for a chance to return. They also see that the Doors of Death are chained down in order to prevent Thanatos from calling them.

When did Reyna try to make a move on Percy?

In The Son of Neptune (book 2), Reyna tried to make a move on Percy. We found out why other characters had a crush on Percy. Nico was interested in pirates and also witnessed Percy’s bravery/heroics. Rachel admits she had a crush on him since he introduced her to the Olympian world.

What is the most powerful sword in Percy Jackson?

Anaklusmos (Greek for Riptide) is the prized sword of Percy Jackson that is made of Celestial Bronze, a material that is only deadly to gods, demigods, magicians, Titans, Giants, and monsters.

What is Frank’s gift in the Son of Neptune?

Percy and the other demi-gods have special gifts to help them in their quest. Frank’s gift is a spear made of dragon-tooth. When he plants it in the ground a skeleton warrior appears. As Percy is Son of Neptune, his power is that he can control water.

Is Meg more powerful than Percy?

Even if they were fighting in a forest, Percy could control the water present underground and do some pretty cool tricks but according to sword-fighting they both are at par because even though Meg can fight with 2 swords, Percy has way better and fine-tuned sword fighting techniques even for a one handed swordsman.

What is Frank’s fatal flaw?

Frank Zhang: His fatal flaw was his low self-esteem. In Son of Neptune, he showed doubts of his own self-worth, which caused him to panic at the time he is needed. However, after the Blessing of Mars, these flaws seem to have faded slightly.

Who is more powerful Percy or Thalia?

Basically, Percy is more powerful, better at fighting and almost everyone likes him. Percy because he is more of a fighter and plus, if Thalia wanted rain Percy could stop it, and he could drown her easily, So Percy would probably win.

Who is stronger Percy or Magnus?

Magnus’ ‘enhanced strength’ doesn’t make him any stronger than Percy. Even as an einherji, he’s only as physically strong as Percy himself is, maybe a bit more, but even that doesn’t add to anything as demigods are easily as strong as einherjar.