What did Jorge Rafael Videla do?

What did Jorge Rafael Videla do?

In 2012 Videla was found guilty of overseeing the systematic abduction of babies born to political prisoners, and he received a 50-year sentence.

Who was the President of Argentina during the Dirty War?

Jorge Rafael Videla Redondo
Jorge Rafael Videla Redondo (/vɪˈdɛlə/; Spanish: [ˈxoɾxe rafaˈel biˈðela]; 2 August 1925 – 17 May 2013) was an Argentine military officer and dictator, Commander in Chief of the Army, member of the Military Junta, and de facto President of Argentina from 29 March 1976 to 29 March 1981.

What did Isabel Perón do?

Isabel Martínez de Perón (Spanish pronunciation: [isaˈβel maɾˈtinez de peˈɾon], born María Estela Martínez Cartas, 4 February 1931), also known as Isabelita, is an Argentine politician who served as President of Argentina from 1974 to 1976. She was the first female republican head of state in the world.

What happened to Galtieri?

Death. Leopoldo Galtieri underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer on 16 August 2002 at a hospital in Buenos Aires. He died there of a heart attack on 12 January 2003, aged 76.

Why is the Plaza de Mayo important?

The Plaza de Mayo is the oldest public square in Buenos aires, and has been the scene of many of the most important events in the city’s history, from the second founding of the city in 1580, through the revolution of independence, to more recent political demonstrations.

What happened to the president of Argentina in 1860?

On 18 October 1860, a Constitutional reform is adopted, proclaiming the Argentine Republic. Resigned after the failure of the Pact of San José de Flores and the national government defeat to Buenos Aires Province in the Battle of Pavón. Vice President under Derqui, assumed the presidency after his resignation.

What is the role of the president in Argentina?

Under the national Constitution, the president is also the chief executive of the federal government and commander-in-chief of the armed forces . Through Argentine history, the office of the Head of State has undergone many changes, both in its title as in its features and powers.

How did Alejandro Gómez become president of Argentina?

Provisional President of the Senate exercising the Executive Power, as the civil procedures to replace the deposed president were followed and Vice President Alejandro Gómez had resigned in 1958. Indirect elections with Peronism barred from elections. Ousted from office by a coup d’état. Coup d’état Beginning of the Argentine Revolution.

What is the Constitution of Argentina?

The Constitution of Argentina, along with several constitutional amendments, establishes the requirements, powers, and responsibilities of the president and term of office and the method of election. This section does not cite any sources.