What are the secret achievements in Kinect Adventures?

What are the secret achievements in Kinect Adventures?

Kinect Adventures Achievements

  • Best Buds. Have a friend join you while playing an activity or challenge.
  • Just Like Being There. Play any individual activity with another player online.
  • Cheese! See a photo get taken.
  • Reminisce. View a saved photo.
  • Recording Artist.
  • Recording Thespian.
  • Sharing Is Caring.
  • Variety Pack.

How many Xbox One achievements are there?

There are 54 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 35 of which are secret. It seems the Xbox Game Pass team couldn’t let us move into July without one last surprise addition — House Flipper joins the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass library today.

Who has the highest Gamerscore on Xbox?

Microsoft has divulged that the average Xbox LIVE gamerscore is 11,286, while the highest gamerscore is at 540k. According to Ray Cox (Stallion83), he has completed more than 800 of the 1500 games he has played. One of his prized achievements is 10,000 kills in the Gears of War multiplayer game.

What is a rare achievement on Xbox one?

What does the diamond mean, when I unlock certain achievements? Some achievements are considered “Rare” by Microsoft– this is if fewer than 10% of that game’s owners in the Xbox ecosystem have unlocked the achievement.

What is the most common Xbox achievement?

As you can see, the classic 10G achievement is by far the most common, accounting for more than a quarter of all achievements tracked on TA.

Why Xbox killed Kinect?

Microsoft blundered when it launched the Kinect V2, bundling it with the Xbox One and driving up the total price. To bring that price tag back down, the Kinect was sacrificed. The stigma it generated probably led to decreased interest, and decreased usage led to developer abandonment.

What is the rarest achievement?

The 7 Rarest Achievements And Trophies According To The Guinness Book Of World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020.

  • Lambda Locator (Half-Life 2)
  • Giant Crown Master (Monster Hunter World)
  • Evil Nightmare (Doom 3 BFG Edition)
  • Firefly (The Last of Us Remastered)
  • Minigame Master (Yakuza 3)