Is Revesby a good suburb?

Is Revesby a good suburb?

While the majority of the residential areas of the suburb are largely safe and well-presented, some of the spillover from its more built-up areas means Revesby does rank above average for the major key crime statistic indicators we look at (Break and Enter for Dwellings, Domestic Violence Assault, Motor Vehicle Theft.

Is Revesby a part of Bankstown?

Revesby, a suburb of local government area City of Canterbury-Bankstown, is located 22 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, and is a part of the South-western Sydney region….Revesby, New South Wales.

Revesby Sydney, New South Wales
Federal division(s) Banks

What is government area for Revesby?

Revesby is in the local government area of ‘Bankstown’. The ‘Bankstown’ local government area is classified as a ‘City’.

When was Revesby founded?

REVESBY PUBLIC SCHOOL was opened on 13th April 1896 and was originally called Bankstown South School.

Is Padstow a safe suburb?

Padstow’s also quite safe; for whatever reason – likely its communal vibe and demographics – it’s statistically exempt from some of the crime issues neighbouring suburbs such as Riverwood have dealt with. It’s easy to see why, as Padstow’s main retail and dining strips do feel quite welcoming and down to earth.

How safe is Condell Park?

“Real Sense of Community “Caloola Street Condell Park”” All over a really safe and quite area a stone’s throw from everything a family needs.

What council is revesby under?

The City of Canterbury Bankstown
The City of Canterbury Bankstown includes the suburbs of Ashbury (part), Bankstown, Bankstown Aerodrome, Bass Hill, Belfield (part), Belmore, Beverly Hills (part), Birrong, Campsie, Canterbury, Chester Hill (part), Chullora, Clemton Park, Condell Park, Croydon Park (part), Earlwood, East Hills, Georges Hall, Greenacre …

What Aboriginal land is Bankstown on?

The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the Daruk and the Eora People and pays respect to the Elders past and present.

What Aboriginal land is Canterbury on?

Canterbury local government area Area in Sydney’s south-west, part of the traditional lands of the Cadigal, Wangal and Bediagal clans of the Dharug tribe, formerly governed by Canterbury City Council until being merged with Bankstown in 2016.

What Aboriginal land is panania on?

Panania is bounded on the north by the M5 South Western Motorway and the suburb of Milperra. Picnic Point, to the south, features parklands along the Georges River. East Hills is the suburb to the west and Revesby is located to the east….Panania.

Panania Sydney, New South Wales
Federal division(s) Banks

What is the postcode for Revesby?

2212Revesby / Postal code

Is Padstow safe at night?

Crime rate is moderate, experiencing the occasional “sketchy” individuals wondering the main areas at night, but usually are not trouble.

Is Riverwood a good suburb?

The suburb ranks among Sydney’s upper-third in our crime rankings at 0.19% per capita, and has had some above-average issues with assaults, break and enters and other crime types in the past.

Is Condell Park good place to live in?

“Comfortable Living” Condell Park is a quieter suburb to its hustle and bustle neighbour of Bankstown. We moved into Condell Park from out of the area for convenience and affordability (although house prices have gone up now). Very friendly people of all nationalities but mostly Macedonian and Vietnamese background.

What Aboriginal land is Ashbury on?

History. Before the British colony at Sydney, the Ashbury area was home to the Wangal and Cadigal people, clans of the Darug tribe. After pressure from colonists, the British administration began subdividing land in the area surrounding the Sydney settlement and granting it to colonists.

What Aboriginal land is revesby on?

Revesby is located on the land of Bidjigal people, one of the many coastal Dharug clans. Salt Pan Creek is an entry point to the ocean where the adult eels start their epic migratory journey north, occurring sometime between January and April.

What Aboriginal land is revesby in?

What is the postcode for East Hills?

2213East Hills / Postal code