Is holotropic breathwork real?

Is holotropic breathwork real?

Holotropic Breathwork Practitioners Official holotropic breathwork can only be lead by certified instructors that obtain a certification from the Grof Foundation after completion of a 600-hour training course. In many countries, practitioners utilize this technique as a spiritual practice rather than a therapeutic one.

Can you do holotropic breathwork by yourself?

Holotropic breathwork is not appropriate for everyone and should never be performed alone. Physiological changes in the body that may occur during HB sessions such as physical tensions and changes in brain waves may negatively impact health outcomes for certain people.

How do you prepare for a holotropic breathing?

Place a comfortable mat on the floor and lay down. Close your eyes, release any tension in your muscles, and start by taking a few relaxing breaths. When you feel ready, deepen your breathing. Inhale through your nose and push out your stomach as far as you can.

How often can you do holotropic breathing?

How often to do it. The goal of Holotropic Breathwork® is to dig around your subconscious mind for insights you can apply to your day-to-day life. Some people might feel equipped to do so after just one session, while others might leave itching for more time.

Is holotropic breathwork safe?

Is it safe? Holotropic breathwork has the potential to bring about intense feelings. Because of the strong physical and emotional releases that may arise, it’s not recommended for some people.

What happens to your body during holotropic breathwork?

Holotropic breathwork. It’s best to have an experienced instructor help you practice this technique. The idea is to achieve a continuous inhale and exhale pattern with no pause in between. This type of breathing floods your body with oxygen and renews your cells.

Is Holotropic Breathwork safe?

What is international Grof® legacy training?

In May 2020 Stan and Brigitte Grof launched their new International Grof® Legacy Training authorizing qualified teachers worldwide representing the Grof® work and legacy. Grof® Legacy Training is based on Stanislav Grof’s research into psychedelic therapy, holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual emergencies.

What is holotropic breathwork and how does it work?

During their time at Esalen, Grof and his first wife Christina Grof developed the practice of holotropic breathwork (a breathing technique designed to access non-ordinary states of consciousness).

What is Grof® breathwork?

In the GROF® Legacy Training, experience and instruction in holotropic breathwork will be given, for legal trademark reasons, under the brand name GROF® Breathwork. Stan and Brigitte Grof are authorizing teachers who have been known by the Grofs as exceptional carriers of Stans work.

What is holotropic state of consciousness training?

Participants in this training will develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that are the result of more than 60 years of research of holotropic states of consciousness – a large category of non-ordinary states that have a healing, transformative, heuristic, and evolutionary potential.