Is a baclofen pump implanted?

Is a baclofen pump implanted?

The baclofen pump is surgically implanted near the abdomen, with a catheter (a thin flexible tube) running to the spinal canal to deliver the medication. Treatment with a baclofen pump is also called intrathecal baclofen therapy (ITB).

What is a baclofen pump used for?

It is used to deliver baclofen directly into the spinal canal. The pump is attached to a catheter (tube), which helps direct the medicine right to a specific area of the spinal cord (called the intrathecal space). This allows the medication to be delivered exactly where it works to help reduce the spasticity.

Who inserts baclofen pump?

The surgeon will place the pump under the skin of your abdomen. One end of the catheter is then inserted into the fluid around the spinal cord, tunneled under the skin, and connected to the pump.

How long does baclofen pump last?

The pump will need to be refilled every one to six months, depending on baclofen dosage.

When is a baclofen pump indicated?

Baclofen pump implantation is a surgical procedure performed to permanently implant a pump that delivers baclofen to the spinal fluid to treat severe to moderate-severe spasticity that is refractory to oral medications.

What are the side effects of a baclofen pump?

Intrathecal baclofen may cause dizziness, drowsiness, false sense of well-being, lightheadedness, vision problems, or clumsiness or unsteadiness in some people.

How often are baclofen pumps replaced?

The pump needs to be refilled at regular intervals (usually every 1 to 6 months) by a trained healthcare professional who possesses the equipment needed. The pump is refilled by inserting a needle through the skin into a refill port on the pump.

Is a baclofen pump permanent?

Does the baclofen pump cause weight gain?

Effective management of spasticity with intrathecal Baclofen appears to be associated with substantial weight gain.

What happens if your baclofen pump runs out?

If the pump runs out of medicine, you might go into baclofen withdrawal, which is painful and might be life threatening. You’ll need to tell the scheduler your pump’s alarm date when you make a refill appointment.

How often does a baclofen pump need to be replaced?