How warm is Sharm El-Sheikh in October?

How warm is Sharm El-Sheikh in October?

In Sharm El-Sheikh, in October, the average high-temperature is 31.5°C (88.7°F), and the average low-temperature is 23.4°C (74.1°F).

Is October a good time to visit Sharm El-Sheikh?

The best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh is in spring or autumn. There’s an average temperature of 25°C, which is very warm but it’s not overly hot or humid. If you love to swim, the Red Sea won’t let you down. The waters are milder in the summer but remain warm throughout the year.

Is Egypt still hot in October?

Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. The average daily maximum is 33 C and the average daily minimum is 23 C.

What is the weather like in Egypt October?

October Weather in Cairo Egypt. Daily high temperatures decrease by 8°F, from 90°F to 82°F, rarely falling below 76°F or exceeding 97°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 6°F, from 71°F to 64°F, rarely falling below 59°F or exceeding 75°F.

Is Egypt Nice in October?

October is considered shoulder season in Egypt which makes it a great month to travel if you’re not into big crowds. Early in the month, the hotter weather keeps many of the tourists away, especially farther south where the temperatures are less tolerable. Not only that, the prices are still pretty reasonable, too.

What is the coldest month in Sharm El-Sheikh?

The cool season lasts for 3.2 months, from December 6 to March 13, with an average daily high temperature below 75°F. The coldest month of the year in Sharm el-Sheikh is January, with an average low of 57°F and high of 71°F.

Can you swim in Sharm El Sheikh in October?

Yes! The water temperature in Sharm El Sheikh in october is ideal. In october, swimming is ideal on the beaches around Sharm El Sheikh! With water reaching 84°F at most and 82°F on average, spending time in the water is very pleasant.

What is the coldest month in Sharm El Sheikh?

Is October a good month to go to Egypt?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April, temperatures are cooler but you are still guaranteed sun. During spring and autumn daytime temperatures will reach hit 25-30°C but the evenings are much cooler. Egypt is blessed with a whole lot of sunshine and very little rain.

Is October cold in Egypt?

October, the same as September, is a moderately hot autumn month in Cairo, Egypt, with temperature in the range of an average high of 29.2°C (84.6°F) and an average low of 17.4°C (63.3°F).

Is Egypt cold in October?

Does it rain in Egypt in October?

Egypt weather October As part of North Africa, located across the Red Sea from the Middle East, Egypt enjoys hot weather and hardly any rain in October. The summer can get pretty scorching, so October’s a great time to book your Egypt holidays if you want to avoid this.

What is the cheapest time to go to Egypt?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Egypt High season is considered to be May, June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Egypt is February.

Is it safe to travel to Sharm el Sheik right now?

The overall travel advice for Sharm El Sheikh is for tourists to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to Police. There is a risk of terrorism in Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm El Sheikh is a popular resort in the Red Sea that has suffered a decline in tourism due to a rise in terrorism in the past few years.

Is October a good time to visit Egypt?

Is Egypt good to visit October?

The best time to visit Egypt is between October and April, when temperatures are cooler, but still pleasantly warm across the country. This makes exploring the busy streets of Cairo, visiting the Pyramids in the desert, and exploring ancient Pharaonic tombs more comfortable and enjoyable.