How reliable is Prius 2010?

How reliable is Prius 2010?

Currently the Toyota Prius has a score of 9.2 out of 10, which is based on our evaluation of 33 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.

How many miles can you get out of a 2010 Prius?

With regular maintenance, a Toyota Prius owner can expect to get between 200,000 and 250,000 miles out of their Prius, with some owners topping the 300,000-mile mark and going strong.

How many batteries does a 2010 Toyota Prius have?

The Toyota Prius has two batteries in it: a large 200-volt battery that is used to drive the car in the electric mode and a small 12-volt battery that is used to operate the accessories such as lights, radio, etc.

Does a 2010 Prius have a battery?

2010 Toyota Prius Car Battery. A crucial part of the starting and charging system, without a good, working 2010 Prius battery you won’t get far.

What engine is in a 2010 Prius?

1.8 L 4-cylinder2010 Toyota Prius / Engine
The 2010 Prius features a new 1.8-liter engine (up from 1.5 liters in the older Prius) that provides greater torque at lower RPM for improved fuel economy, especially on the highway. The 1.8L Atkinson cycle engine delivers 98 hp (73 kW) @ 5,200 rpm, and 142 Nm (105 lb-ft) of torque @ 4,000 rpm.

How much is insurance on a 2010 Prius?

about $1,046 annually
Factors in Prius Insurance Premiums For example, you can insure a 2010 Toyota Prius for about $1,046 annually, compared to more than $1,300 annually on average for a 2020 Prius. Your age also plays a role in the cost of auto insurance.

How much is insurance for a 2010 Prius?

Here are the average costs of insurance for a Toyota Prius based on their model years: 2005 Toyota Prius: $1,067 per year. 2010 Toyota Prius: $1,124 per year.

Does a 2010 Prius have 2 batteries?

What are the reviews of the 2010 Toyota Prius?

4.375 average Rating out of 8 reviews. When Toyota’s engineers began working on the 2010 Toyota Prius back in 2004, they knew the opposition would be gunning for them. With the 2010 Honda Insight and the 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Mariner hybrid twins all slated to launch before the new Prius, it wouldn’t be easy to remain a standout.

Is there a recall on the 2012 Toyota Prius?

Summary: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2010-2012 Toyota Prius, 2010 and 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and 2011-2012 Lexus CT200h vehicles. A weld in the curtain shield air bag inflator may crack causing one or both portions of the inflator to eject into the passenger cabin.

Is the Toyota Prius a good car to buy?

For that, it’s hard to beat the Toyota Prius, as it meets the basic transportation needs of just about everyone. At 44 mpg overall in our tests, only electric cars were more fuel efficient. Despite the apparent complication of the hybrid system, all of the Prius’ technology is well-proven. There are 10 recalls on this vehicle.

Does the 2010 Toyota Prius have a navigation CD?

“Toyota no longer provides update CDs for the navigation system in the 2010 Prius. It was going to be $200 for last year’s CD. The GPS still works but does not show newer addresses or changes in gas station locations.