How much weight can a 48 ECT box hold?

How much weight can a 48 ECT box hold?

Double Wall Corrugated Box ECT/Mullen Conversion Chart

Max. Suggested Load/Box Min. Edge Crush Test Mullen (Burst) Test
100 lbs. 48 ECT 275#
120 lbs. 51 ECT 350#
140 lbs. 61 ECT 400#
160 lbs. 71 ECT 500#

What is the strongest corrugated box?

One of the strongest types of corrugated we offer is called 275 Mullen BC. Let’s quickly break down that name and what it means: BC means that this is a double-wall corrugated, stacking B-flute and C-flute on top of each other.

What is 7 ply corrugated box?

These boxes handle pressure and can be stacked up for easy and low-cost storage or transporting. While 7 ply boxes are generally used for heavy-duty items such as metal parts, and chemicals. 9 ply corrugated boxes are manufactured with very high-quality kraft paper.

Is 51 ECT double wall?

51 ECT Shipping Boxes Single Wall boxes can hold and ship lightweight items. Double Wall boxes can hold and ship rough-edged and heavy items.

What does MW mean in corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boards MW 1.8 mm Base material used for making KLUG boxes and folders.

What is GSM in carton box?

The standardised measurement used throughout the paper and packaging industry is Grams per Square Meter (GSM). This is used to determine the weight of the stock in everything from cardboard to copier paper to folding box board. It is simply how much a square meter of the material would weigh in grams.

What is ECT box?

The Edge Crush Test, or ECT, is a newer test developed to look specifically at how much force a corrugated material can withstand on its edges without crushing. Instead of applying force to the face of the corrugated material, as the Mullen Burst Test does, ECT applies force to the edge.

How much weight can a 32 ECT box hold?

65 lbs.
In general, the single-walled 200# test box and the 32 ECT corrugated boxes are interchangeable – both have a maximum weight limit of 65 lbs. Because stacking strength has become the most important factor for most warehouses today, many opt for the 32 ECT.

Is Alta flute a flute?

The alto flute is an instrument in the Western concert flute family, the second-highest member below the standard C flute after the uncommon flûte d’amour. It is the third most common member of its family after the standard C flute and the piccolo.

What is GSM in corrugated box?

What is cardboard thickness?

The most common, used in most typical shipping boxes, is ‘A’ flute, which is 3/16″ (4.8mm) thick.