How much does it cost to replace a fireplace with a gas fireplace?

How much does it cost to replace a fireplace with a gas fireplace?

A gas insert costs between $500 and $3,500, while a gas fireplace can run from $2,650 to $5,800. Natural gas–powered fireplaces are more cost-effective to run than a propane-powered one, depending on geographic location and fuel costs in your area.

What is the best gas fireplace to buy?

BEST OVERALL: Napoleon Grandville VF Series GVF36-2N 37″ Vent Free.

  • BEST FLEXIBILITY: Empire Loft Series DVL25 Fireplace Insert.
  • BEST DUAL FUEL: Superior DRI2000 Gas Fireplace Insert.
  • BEST DIRECT VENT: Empire Tahoe Deluxe 36″ Direct-Vent NG Millivolt.
  • MOST VERSATILE: Ashley Hearth Products 34,000 BTU Vent Free Firebox.
  • How often should you replace a gas fireplace?

    ten to fifteen years
    Generally speaking, you can get a good ten to fifteen years of use before you need to replace your gas fireplace.

    How do you dispose of an old gas fireplace?

    How to remove a gas fire

    1. Remove fireplace surroundings.
    2. Once the fireplace trim is removed you can disconnect the gas line.
    3. Carefully remove your gas fireplace and pull it out of the surround.
    4. Plug the gas line with a safety cape and apply pipe sealing around the threads of the cap to make sure this is a tight fit.

    What maintenance is needed for a gas fireplace?

    Even if you opt to clean the fireplace yourself, it’s still a requirement to have an inspection—yearly, at the very least. Inspections of a gas fireplace don’t take long to conduct and won’t break the bank. Your chimney should be cleaned annually, as well, to clear away any debris and nesting materials from animals.

    Should I replace my gas fire?

    Replacing a gas fire with an electric fire is a more affordable way of heating the home. Electric fires are more energy efficient and cheaper to run than their gas counterparts. You will also avoid the hassle of collecting wood and building up a fire from scratch every time.

    Does a gas fireplace insert increase home value?

    According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.

    How much does it cost to put in a gas fireplace?

    The average cost to install a gas fireplace is about $4,500 with average prices ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 in the US for 2020 according to Thumbtack.

    Are gas fireplaces worth the money?

    So, are gas fireplaces really worth getting? Gas fireplaces are very energy efficient. Because they allow for you to have full control over how much fuel is being used, you can save money on heating bills. They can also be turned off completely with a simple flip of a switch, unlike wood burning fireplaces.

    What is behind a gas fireplace?

    Typically found inside a gas fireplace includes the media such as logs, a burner tray, control unit and an ignition system made up of individual components such as a thermocouple. Depending on the model of gas fireplace, the media may be sat on a combustion matrix.

    Should I leave the pilot light on gas fireplace?

    We recommend that you turn off your gas fireplace pilot light seasonally. Turning off your gas fireplace’s pilot light can save a substantial amount of energy and money. It is important to remember that not all gas fireplaces have “standing” pilot light, or, a pilot light that is “always on”.