How much are rentals at The Villages?

How much are rentals at The Villages?

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in The Villages, FL is currently $1,800….Average Rent in The Villages, FL.

Month Median Rent
February 2018 $1,800
January 2018 $1,712
December 2017 $3,200
November 2017 $3,700

What is the best place to live in The Villages Florida?

Orange Blossom Gardens. Village of Orange Blossom GardensĀ® in Lady Lake is the perfect location for the resident who wants it all! With a Country Club, relaxing pool, and a location nearby Spanish SpringsĀ®, this area offers the ultimate convenience.

Can you have dogs at The Villages in Florida?

While it offers one of the best Active Adult lifestyles, The Villages, Florida, is also a great place to call home for dogs! The community welcomes dog owners with open arms and provides countless ways to make sure your four-legged friend is happy and healthy.

Is it expensive to live in The Villages?

What you’ll pay per month to live in the Villages, FL. Now, after crunching numbers for all of the expenses listed above, you should expect to pay at least $807 to $1,262 per month to live in The Villages, Florida, based on your housing selection and the costs that come with it.

How much are monthly dues at The Villages in Florida?

The Villages doesn’t have an HOA and technically there are no HOA fees. Instead, residents pay CDD fees. According to The Villages, average CDD assessments (including the bond, maintenance fee, and fire protection) range from $129 to $220 per month.

Do you have to be 55 to live in The Villages?

The Villages ranks as America’s top-selling, master planned community for active adults who are 55 years old and over. In 2020, The Villages was recognized for the 11th consecutive year as the number one active, adult community in The United States.

Is The Villages FL expensive?