How many HP is a 5075E?

How many HP is a 5075E?

John Deere 5075E

John Deere 5075E Power
Engine (gross): 75 hp 55.9 kW
PTO (claimed): 61 hp 45.5 kW
PTO (tested): 64.42 hp 48.0 kW
power test details …

How much does a John Deere 5075E weigh?

John Deere 5075E

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 80.7 inches 204 cm
Weight: 4634 to 7275 pounds
Front tire: 7.5-16
2WD Rear tire: 16.9-28

How much can a 5075E lift?

With a rear hitch lift capacity of nearly 3,200 pounds, lifting and transporting those heavier implements – like rotary tillers and heavy seeders – are not an issue. Around the front, add a John Deere loader for up to 3,548 pounds lift capacity.

How tall is a John Deere 5075E?

John Deere 5075E Dimensions

John Deere 5075E Height
Hood: 63.9 inches 162 cm
ROPS: 99.5 inches 252 cm
Cab: 95 inches 241 cm

What year is a John Deere 5075E?

This 5075 E 4wd tractor, which has been in production between 2010 and 2017 ranks in the LECTURA index at #17.

How much does a 5075E weight with loader?

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Key Specs:
Wheelbase 2WD and MFWD: 2050 mm 80.7 in.
Overall length 3639 mm 143.3 in.
Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab 2WD OOS: 2520 kg 5555 lb 2WD Cab 2989 kg 6590 lb MFWD OOS: 2735 kg 6029 lb MFWD Cab: 3090 kg 6812 lb

How much does a 75 hp tractor weigh?

The average weight of a utility farm tractor with 52 to 75 horsepower is 5,264 pounds.

How much can a 5075e lift?

How wide is a 5075e tractor?

John Deere 5075E Dimensions

Wheelbase: 80.7 inches 204 cm
Width: 57.3 inches 145 cm *
2WD Clearance (front axle): 18.8 inches 47 cm
4WD Clearance (front axle): 13.4 inches 34 cm

What category is a John Deere 5075E?

Category 2 Hitch
Your John Deere 5075E tractor needs a. Category 2 Hitch… and here’s why…

How tall is a John Deere 5075E with cab?

How much does a 5075e weight with loader?